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    In accordance with the mandate to study the "Transformation of Canada," the collection of the Canada Science and Technology Museum encompasses a broad cross-section of Canadian scientific and technological heritage. National in scope, this unique collection consists of artifacts, photographs, technical drawings, trade literature, and rare books, all of which are complemented and supported by library holdings of monographs and serials.

    To develop the collection through research and acquisition, the Museum has concentrated curatorial expertise in the areas of communications, industrial technology, natural resources, transportation, renewable resources, and scientific instrumentation. The collection is accessioned, stored and preserved by dedicated teams of collection management and conservation professionals.

    To foster and disseminate knowledge concerning the collection beyond the exhibit floor, the Museum conducts research and produces a variety of publications concerning the collection and its scientific, technological, political, and socio-economic significance to Canada.

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    Discover the fascinating things we study and preserve! Look at a 1927 McLaughlin-Buick, a Berliner Model "E" Gram-o-phone, or a Gregorian reflecting telescope. Are you interested in printing presses, logging operations or agricultural machinery?

    Who was Baron von Drais? What's a boneshaker? Could you ride a Humber racing bicycle? How about turbines, steam engines, ship models, the Canadarm or microscopes? Pick a subject and find out more about what we do, and why. Our "Search" function will help you find it!

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