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The Portrait Gallery of Canada is based on the collections of
Library and Archives Canada, whose portraits comprise an incomparable
visual record of men and women from all walks of life who have helped shape Canada.

New Acquisitions : Introduction

The establishment of the Portrait Gallery of Canada has enlarged the scope of the Library and Archives Canada collection to encompass honorific and commemorative purposes in addition to the documentary nature of previous collecting. Inspired by the announcement of the Gallery, Canadians have made donations and offers of exceptional quality that have greatly enriched the collection.

Consequently, new strengths are being developed in 20th-century portraiture and sculpture. Future acquisitions from the 16th to the 18th centuries will be pursued as well as works which explore and extend the traditional concept of the portrait. Works will also be commissioned of living Canadians by Canada's most talented portrait artists. The Gallery acquires on behalf of Library and Archives Canada by purchase, donation and bequest in all media: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography and new media.

New Acquisitions : 2004

Portrait of Diana Krall, singer/pianist

Diana Krall, singer/pianist, 1999
by Bryan Adams (Canadian, born 1959)
Gelatin silver print

This intimate portrait of Diana Krall (born 1964), one of Canada's top female jazz vocalists, was taken by another Canadian international music star, Bryan Adams, as part of his series Made in Canada, a project to raise funds for breast cancer research. The series consists of over 80 portraits of Canadian celebrities.

Portrait of Sir Frederick Grant Banting

Sir Frederick Grant Banting, 1925
by Tibor Polya (Hungarian, 1886-1937)
Oil on board

Sir Frederick Banting (1891-1941) served as a medical officer in the First World War and was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in the field. In 1923, he received the Nobel Prize for his research efforts with Charles Best. These efforts had led to the discovery of insulin, which saved the lives of millions of people living with diabetes.

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New Acquisitions : 2003

Portrait of Guy Paul Morin

Guy Paul Morin, 1995
by Joanne Tod (Canadian, born 1953)
Oil on transparent polyester
C-151437 & C-151438

In 1992 Morin was convicted of the murder of nine-year-old Christine Jessup, and exonerated by DNA testing in 1995. This case resulted in major changes to the Ontario justice system.

Portrait of Colonel John Hale

Colonel John Hale, 1760-1764
by Sir Joshua Reynolds (British, 1723-1792)
Oil on canvas

Purchased with the assistance of the Minister of Canadian Heritage under the authority of the Canadian Cultural Property Export and Import Act.

Colonel John Hale (1728-1806) played a pivotal role in both the attack on Louisbourg in 1758 and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham a year later. His eldest son, also named John, subsequently settled in Canada and established a branch of the family.

Image of Queer Affair, from the series Heroine

Queer Affair, from the series Heroine, 1999
by Lori Newdick (Canadian, born 1968)
Colour print

The Portrait Gallery of Canada is interested in definitions of identity as expressed through portraiture. Newdick says:
“Heroine explores the struggle of the individual to define and inhabit an identity that is not represented or reflected in mainstream culture. The series examines how social constructs can isolate and marginalize those who exist outside of prescribed notions of sexual orientation and gender.”

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New Acquisitions : 2002

Portrait of Faith Fenton

Faith Fenton, ca. 1880
by J. Fraser Bryce Studio, Toronto
Albumen print

Born Alice Freeman, Faith Fenton (1857-1936) was Canada's first woman newspaper columnist, writing for the Empire. During the day she was a schoolteacher. In 1898 during the Klondike gold rush, she trekked to Dawson City and became the first northern correspondent for the Globe.

Portrait of Édouard Lock with Louise Lecavalier

Self-portrait with Louise Lecavalier, from New Demons, 1987
by Édouard Lock (Canadian, born 1951)
Gelatin silver print

Quebec choreographer Édouard Lock is founder of the Montréal based dance company La La La Human Steps. With his unique choreographic language, Lock led this company to international acclaim. Louise Lecavalier was one of its principal dancers.

Portrait of F.R. Scott

F.R. Scott, 1971
by Harold Town (Canadian, 1924-1990)

Francis Reginald Scott (1899-1985) was a significant poet and political activist. In addition to being a commentator on Canadian society and literature, he was a leading authority on constitutional law. He said, “A good constitution is like a good poem, both are concerned with the spirit of man.”

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New Acquisitions : 2001

Portrait of Nicol Hugh Baird, and his wife Mary Telfer (née White) with their daughter Mary Telfer Baird

Nicol Hugh Baird, and his wife Mary Telfer (née White) with their daughter Mary Telfer Baird, 1833
by Nelson Cook (American, 1817-1892)
Oil on canvas
C-150120 & C-150116

Nicol Hugh Baird (1796-1849) was clerk of works on the Rideau Canal project and also assisted in the building of the Trent Canal. Moreover, he designed a “sweeping paddle wheel,” which allowed steam-driven vessels to navigate more easily and efficiently.

Portrait of A Newfoundland Hunter

A Newfoundland Hunter, 1857
by Paul-Émile Miot (French, 1827-1900)
Albumen print

Miot accompanied Captain Georges-Charles Cloué on three hydrographic and fishing campaigns on board French naval vessels between 1857 and 1859. Miot made the earliest photographs on Canada's East Coast.

Portrait of Roy Herbert, First Baron Thomson of Fleet

Roy Herbert, First Baron Thomson of Fleet, 1967
by John Bratby (British, 1928-1992)
Oil on canvas

Roy Thomson (1894-1976) was a significant figure not only in Canadian but also in international business. His rise from “rags to riches” began in North Bay, Ontario, where he started his own radio station in 1931, followed by the purchase of the Timmins Daily Press, the first of many newspapers. By the end of his career he owned over 100 newspapers in the world.


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