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Educational Resources

Learning Centre Toolkit

This toolkit guide focuses on one of many personal accounts held at Library and Archives Canada. Eleanora Hallen's diaries, dating from 1833 to 1845, are particularly interesting because they are one of the few historical daily life accounts by a child. Written for students, this guide can help them to improve their research skills and their understanding about how to use primary sources.

Critical Thinking Model: Two Challenges

Critical thinking is primarily concerned with developing sound judgment. Although the teacher nurtures the ability and inclination of students to think critically in answering questions, the students are, however, expected to think for themselves. The teacher will help students to appreciate the criteria for judging various options set before them, and to build their vocabulary about thinking and reasoning. As well, teachers will provide students with instruction on developing strategies for organizing and focusing their thinking, and for instilling mental habits such as openness to new ideas and intellectual perseverance. Students will necessarily acquire some knowledge of the topics of their research and analysis.

Traditional Lesson Plans and Activities

These introductory lessons in genealogy will help students appreciate their own personal histories by identifying significant people, places and events. The suggested activities (virtual and paper-based) will also give students a better understanding of their Canadian identity and of the diversity of Canada's people.

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