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Identification Cards

This section provides information on applying for, or replacing, government identification cards, and what to do if you lose your wallet, as well as information on identity theft.

Lost Wallet Helpful Hints

Apply for New or Replacement Identity Documents

Within the drop-down menus and the bulleted list below, you will find links to information on how to apply for new or replacement identity documents. If you need help, please see our Helpful Hints.

If you were born outside of Canada, please select, Born Outside of Canada, in the drop-down menu below.

Note: Service Canada cannot guarantee that these external Web sites will be available in both official languages or accessible to users of assistive technologies.




Identity Theft and Fraud

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal identity information without your knowledge or consent to commit a crime, such as fraud or theft. Identity theft is usually done for economic gain and could happen to anyone. It can take a victim considerable time and effort to clear their credit and good name.

For more information, please visit the Identity Theft section of the Public Safety portal.

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