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All about your tax return

Topics for All about your tax return
How to get a tax package.
Do you have to file a tax return?
A list of reasons why you have to file a return (even if you have no tax to pay).
How to report income, what you can deduct, how to fill out personal and address information, what slips (T4s) to include.
Tax payments
Information about paying your 2005 taxes, paying by instalments, and paying arrears (taxes owed after assessment).
Various methods for sending in your tax return including NETFILE.
How to check your tax refund status, and information about refund interest.
Review of your tax return by CRA
Avoid getting a letter from CRA by preventing common errors being made on tax returns.
Change your tax return
After you have received your Notice of Assessment.
Keeping your records
What records you need to keep and for how long.
Resolving disputes
What to do if you disagree with the Notice of Assessment you received.
Interest and the late-filing penalty
Information about interest payable (if you pay late) and the late-filing penalty (if you file late and owe taxes).
Authorizing a third party representative
How to appoint, change, or revoke your tax representative.

All rates
Find information on federal and provincial/territorial tax rates, prescribed interest rates, prescribed interest rates for leasing rules, exchange rates, mileage rates and more.

Important dates
Due dates for filing returns, making payments, receiving credits and benefits, and more.

Forms and publications

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