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Teenagers from across Canada gather in Ottawa to learn about their country, its institutions and each other.

A collaborative online learning program that connects high school students with their peers to discuss relevant issues.

Students research Canadian heroes, legends, milestones, and achievements - and proudly present their stories at a public exhibition.

Resources and activities to support teachers in their continuing education efforts.

Many of our country's defining moments and personalities are captured in these miniature dramas.

Canada's most authoritative and comprehensive reference.

A celebration of Canada's rich musical heritage.

Today from TCE...

Liberal Party

On 27 November, 2000, the Liberal Party won its third straight federal election, increasing the number of seats from 161 to 172. Chrétien was the first PM since King to win 3 straight elections. Paul Martin went on to become Canada's prime minister on December 12, 2003. More

Screen Legend

Mack Sennett

Mack Sennett (b Mikall Sinnott at Danville, Qué 1880; d at Woodland Hills, Calif 1960): Director Mack Sennett was the self-proclaimed King of Comedy. Out of his studio the Keystone Kops, Charlie Chaplin and "Fatty" Arbuckle were born. More


Election of 1891: A Question of Loyalty

Sir John A. Macdonald was not the last prime minister who had to put scandal behind him to win an election. In 1890 Liberal hounds had sniffed out the corrupt conduct of Conservative MP J.C. Rykert, who had pocketed at least $50,000 from the shady ... More


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