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DPR 2005-2006
Library and Archives Canada

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During 2005-2006, we finalized and implemented a new governance structure for the institution, and staffed all senior positions. Key work processes and policies, both at the corporate and operational levels were reviewed and redesigned. Notably a more integrated planning process linking the planning of HR to the business planning, a resource allocation process that better links resources with objectives, and a new Policy on Continuous Learning in line with the new Policy on Learning, Training and Development issued by TBS in January 2006.

Significant efforts were dedicated to developing a three-year corporate Human Resources Plan with a strong emphasis on reinforcing management capacity in the institution. Mandatory training in procurement, financial management and PSMA was a condition to obtaining delegation. Training also focused on the administrative assistants in order to ensure sound practices and consistent support for managers throughout the institution.

Work on the long-term infrastructure strategy continued and is expected to be completed early in the next fiscal year. Planning for the move to the Interim Collection Facility and for the construction of a new nitrate facility is also progressing well. At the same time, in collaboration with Public Works and Government Services Canada, LAC completed the move of most of its administration and operations to its new headquarter in Gatineau, close to its Preservation Centre.


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