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Transport Canada has regulations, standards and programs to oversee the safety, security and marine infrastructure for operators and passengers of small vessels, large commercial vessels and pleasure craft. Transport Canada also has rules to govern the safe transport of dangerous goods by water, and to protect the marine environment. Transport Canada is committed to working with industry stakeholders and the public to strengthen and encourage compliance with regulations and safe marine practices.

Ship Safety Bulletins

Aboard a small vessel

Ship Safety Bulletins are a source of accurate and up-to-date ship safety information, paramount to the safety of life at sea and one of the important mechanisms for conveying timely information pertaining to safeguards against identified risks.

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Small vessels


Planning to travel? - Get your marine safety questions answered here.

Small vessel on the water

Vessel registration and licensing – Information on registering or licensing a vessel that does not exceed 15 gross tons.

Small vessel on the water

Small vessels - Safety information for owners, operators and builders of small passenger vessels (non-pleasure craft) operated for commercial purposes and which range from 0 to 150 gross tons.

River rafting instructor giving a safety briefing

Special purpose vessels – Information on river rafting, sail training vessels, amphibious and air cushion vehicles.

Small Vessel Monitoring and Inspection Program (SVMIP) - Information on Transport Canada's inspection program for small vessels ranging from 0 to 15 gross tons and carrying no more than of 12 passengers.

Small fishing vessel on the water

Small fishing vessels – Information on vessels 0 to 150 gross tons, not exceeding 24.4 metres that are used for commercial fishing.

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Large commercial vessels

Cargo ship

Cargo and ship port interface – Information on how to safely carry cargoes of all types, and on emergency response planning.


Planning to travel? - Information on marine services and safety tips.

Handicap sign

Ferry accessibility for persons with disabilities - Code of practice designed to improve the accessibility of marine travel for persons with disabilities.

Canada flag with water in the background

Port State Control - Information on a ship inspection program to ensure compliance with various international maritime conventions.

Marine inspector

Marine Personnel Standards and Pilotage  - Regulations, standards, and policies, pertaining to marine pilotage services, training, examinations, certification and occupational health and safety.

Container at port

Public port fees - Information on berthage charges, harbour dues, storage charges, utilities and other services, and wharfage and transfer charges.

Port control centre

Navigation safety and radio communications - Information on communications equipment and applicable requirements, and on navigation guidelines, publications and references.

Cruise ship

Ship registration - Information on how to register a ship or search for information on registered vessels in Canada.

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Pleasure craft

Boating Safety course - Information on the course and where you can take it in your area.

Sailboat in a marina

Pleasure Craft Licensing and identification/markings - Information on how to license your pleasure craft and obtain the required identification documents and markings.

Orange lifesaving ring

Office of Boating Safety - Information on marine safety regulations and standards, public education programs, recalls and more.

Safe Boating Guide publications

Safe Boating Guide - Know the basics of boating safety and enjoy your time on the water.

Sailboat in a marina

Marine safety tips - Information about boat tours, safety equipment, proof of competency and age restrictions.

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Marine security

Man going through airport security screening point with carry-on luggage

Enhanced transportation security - Information on how Transport Canada is working with its partners to enhance transportation security in Canada.

Cargo ship at dock

Marine security at Transport Canada - Information on how Transport Canada is enhancing the security of Canada's marine transportation system.

Ferry on the water with view of city skyline

Marine Security Contribution Program - Information on a three-year, $115 million commitment from the Government of Canada to assist marine ports and facilities with their security enhancements.

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Marine infrastructure

Emergency Beacon registry symbol - two hands in a circle

Emergency Beacon Registry - Information on the Canadian Beacon Registry is maintained by the National Search and Rescue Secretariat. The importance of keeping your registry information up to date should search and rescue officials need it.

Cruise ship in port

Port transfers - Information on the transfer of regional/local ports to local interests.

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Transport of dangerous goods

Transport of dangerous goods symbol - red diamond with TDG-TMD written on it

Transport of dangerous goods - Transport Canada regulations, standards and services for the safe transport of dangerous goods including information and guidance on dangerous goods transport for the public, industry and government employees.

CANUTEC symbol - red diamond with CANUTEC written on it

CANUTEC is the Canadian Transport Emergency Centre operated by Transport Canada to assist emergency response personnel in handling dangerous goods emergencies.

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