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Transport Canada > Rail


Transport Canada has regulations, standards and programs to oversee safety at road / railway grade crossings, and the accessibility and sustainability of the rail transportation system. The department also monitors Canada's rail infrastructure and plays a role in the transport of dangerous goods.


Train graphic

Direction 2006 -  Transport Canada's partnership with governments, industry, police and public service organizations to reduce grade crossing collisions and trespassing incidents.

Train on tracks

Road / Railway grade crossing facts - Transport Canada safety monitoring and inspection programs ensure standards are met by railway and road authorities, and to identify areas for improvement.

Railway crossing sign with a train in the background

Operation lifesaver - Cooperation between the Railway Association of Canada, Transport Canada, the Canada Safety Council and provincial safety councils/leagues to reduce the number of accidents that result in fatalities, injuries, and monetary losses.

Passengers waiting to board a train

Rail safety tips - Safety tips for railway travellers including ways to prevent injuries and deaths on the track.


Passenger rail and urban transit security at Transport Canada - Transport Canada is working with partners to complete two important strategic initiatives that lay out policy and priority directions for enhancing transportation security in Canada.

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Information for rail passengers

Person with a wheelchair with a train in the background

Accessible transportation - Transport Canada's strategies to provide accessibility for persons with disabilities, seniors, and other citizens with unique needs.

Train on a rail bridge

Rail bridges - Transport Canada is responsible for the oversight of safety of federally regulated railway bridges including promotion, monitoring and enforcement activities.

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Information for railway operators and employees

Railway crossing sign with flashing lights

Guideline for inspecting and testing preemption of interconnected traffic control signals & grade crossing  warning systems. This guide deals with public safety at road/railway grade crossings.

Side view of passenger train

Procedures and conditions for eliminating whistling at public crossings - Information on Transport Canada's Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR), which control engine whistling requirements.

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Transport of dangerous goods

Transport of dangerous goods symbol - red diamond with TDG-TMD written on it

Transport of dangerous goods – Transport Canada regulations, standards and services for the safe transport of dangerous goods including information and guidance on dangerous goods transport for the public, industry and government employees.

CANUTEC symbol - red diamond with CANUTEC written on it

CANUTEC is the Canadian Transport Emergency Centre operated by Transport Canada to assist emergency response personnel in handling dangerous goods emergencies.

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