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Transport Canada helps improve the safety of drivers and their passengers, especially children. We also play a key role in developing the national motor carrier transportation system, and have a role in ensuring Canada's highway infrastructure is safe and efficient. We also serve as the major source of information and guidance on the transport of dangerous goods.


Airline personnel helping person with disability board an aircraft

Accessible transportation – Transport Canada works to develop and promote strategies to provide accessible transportation for persons with disabilities, seniors, and other citizens with unique needs.


Road conditions – Links to provincial and territorial road conditions. Road safety tips including tire safety, driving with large vehicles and using cell phones – These safety tips will keep you safe on the road.

Damaged vehicle

Air bag safety including child safety and air bag deactivation – Safety information relating to air bags for Canadians, effectiveness and protecting children in vehicles with airbags.

Keys and a glass of alcohol

Information on drinking and driving – Transport Canada's document SMASHED has everything you want and need to know about drinking and driving.

Man on mobile phone

All the information you need to know about Cell phones and driving including how to avoid collisions arising from the use of cell phones: Remember - You'll survive a missed phone call; you might not survive a collision!

A tire tread

Tire safety - Proper tire maintenance is not only critical to the safe operation of your vehicle, but will also improve fuel economy, extend tire life, provide better vehicle handling, help prevent avoidable breakdowns and collisions, and reduce exhaust emissions that contribute to environmental, health and climate change problems.

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Information for Drivers

Advanced technology vehicle

Advanced Technology Vehicles Program – Assesses vehicles with advanced and alternate technologies to measure their impact on safety, energy efficiency and the environment.

Canadian flag

Importing a vehicle into Canada – Information on how to import a vehicle from the United States and elsewhere.

Heavy traffic

Canadian Vehicle Survey – The survey helps Transport Canada understand national vehicle use, improve road safety, monitor fuel consumption and deal with the impact of vehicle usage on the environment.

Car on the road

Personal Vehicle Program – Helpful tips on buying, driving and maintaining your vehicle from the Office of Energy Efficiency.

View from the driver's seat

Driver licensing – Links to provincial and territorial driver and motor vehicle licensing information.

Cars on a highway

Planning to travel? – Taking a road trip? Check our tips on tire safety, using cell phones, child safety and air bag safety to make your trip as safe as possible.

American flag

Exporting a vehicle to the United States including what vehicles can be imported, who can help with importing, and a list of forms and special instructions – Vehicle Importation Regulations of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, U.S.

Man driving a vehicle

Vehicle recalls and defects – Learn about safety-related defects and how you can report problems. You can also search the On-Line Vehicle Recalls Database.

Person filling fuel tank

Fuel Consumption Program – Find out about vehicle testing, the fuel consumption guide, data collection and the vehicle EnerGuide label.

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Child safety

Transport Canada's Car Time 1-2-3-4 gives you information on the four stages of child safety in vehicles. You will also receive simple instructions and tips on making car time a safe time for children.

Child in car seat

Safe travel in a booster seat – Helps you to decide when to move your child to a booster seat.

School bus

School bus safety – Information relating to safety issues on school buses.

Child with regular seatbelt properly secured

Safe travel in a seat belt – Helps you to decide when to move your child to a regular seat belt.

Small child in child safety seat

How to protect children in vehicles with side air bags – Learn about the types of air bags and what you can do to keep your child safe.

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Motor carriers


Bus data – Your one stop shop for bus data and truck data in relating to urban transit, school buses and other bus companies.

Heavy traffic

Motor carrier policy – The Motor Carrier Branch works in collaboration with stakeholders on a broad range of motor carrier policy initiatives.

Canada / U.S. Border Transportation Planning – Information on the Transportation Border Working Group, as well as other initiatives in border transportation, planning and management.

Commercial vehicles on a highway

Statistics on bus data and truck data in North American transportation. Information includes statistics on urban transit, school buses, bus companies, carriers and industry firms, traffic, tonnage of goods moved and more.

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Highway surrounded by trees

Highway Policy Branch – Develops strategic highway policies that govern the 24,000 kilometre federal, provincial, and territorially-owned National Highway System.

Provincial and territorial flags

Provincial and territorial government links – A list of provincial and territorial ministries responsible for transportation.

Busy road system

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) – Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are technologies applied to transportation to make systems safer, more efficient, more reliable and more environmentally friendly.

Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program symbol - yellow highway with purple background

Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program – Investing in Canada's highway infrastructure to provide a safer and more efficient highway system for all Canadians.

Vehicles on a bridge

Border transportation partnership website – Information on the Canada-US-Ontario-Michigan Border transportation planning study.

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Transport of dangerous goods

Transportation of Dangerous Goods symbol - red diamond with TDG_TMD written on it

Transport of dangerous goods - Transport Canada regulations, standards and services for the safe transport of dangerous goods including information and guidance on dangerous goods transport for the public, industry and government employees.

CANUTEC symbol - red diamond with CANUTEC written on it

CANUTEC is the Canadian Transport Emergency Centre operated by Transport Canada to assist emergency response personnel in handling dangerous goods emergencies.

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