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Community Memories: Thumbnail Gallery, Canadian History and More

Log onto the VMC’s Community Memories section and discover local community treasures. Community Memories presents local historical exhibits, as well as a thumbnail gallery provided by community museums, to form a unique portrait of local Canadian history, providing new insights into the values and experiences that shape our collective identity.

Canadian History
Immerse yourself in stories from communities across the country, and learn about what Canadians have in common, as well as the characteristics that make us unique. The collection of museum exhibits from across Canada showcased in Community Memories offer a glimpse at important aspects of Canadian history from the community perspective. Visit the Community Memories exhibits and read reminiscences posted by individuals recalling events that have marked and shaped our nation. Click on A Mother’s War and discover through stories and photos the impact of World War I on community life. Community Memories also encompasses a thumbnail gallery, which reveals themes and events relative to Canadian history and helps paint portraits of our local communities.

Thumbnail Gallery
Community Memories allows you to browse its thumbnail gallery of local treasures and historical events by date, topic or location. Choose from a variety of topics, including Objects, Documents, Work, Buildings, Sports, Transport, Landscape, Events, and People. You can also find materials by selecting the Type that you desire, such as a document, sound or text; or choose General topics such as Animals, Fashion and Military, to name a few.

Community Memories allows you to explore the local history and memories of different Canadian communities. We invite you to explore this diverse collection of exhibits and images, and discover the many collective experiences that shape this country.

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