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leaf logoSenator Eugene Forsey wanted us to know how government works in Canada for one very simple reason — there is nothing Canadians do in any given day that is not affected by how we govern ourselves. As he says inside this booklet: “We cannot work or eat or drink; we cannot buy or sell or own anything; we cannot go to a ball game or a hockey game or watch TV without feeling the effects of government. We cannot marry or educate our children, cannot be sick, born or buried without the hand of government somewhere intervening.”

Through this lively and readable document, Senator Forsey has helped tens of thousands of students, teachers, legislators and ordinary citizens in Canada and around the world understand the Canadian system of government.

© Her Majesty the Queen
in Right of Canada, 2005.
The ideas and opinions expressed in this document belong to the author, the late Senator Eugene Forsey, or his authorized successors and do not necessarily reflect those of Parliament.

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