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Bureau Canadien des Archivistes - Bureau of Canadian Archivists Bureau Canadien des Archivistes - Bureau of Canadian Archivists



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Mandate and objective

The Bureau of Canadian Archivists brings together the archivists of Canada who belong to two national associations that reflect the country's linguistic duality: the Association of Canadian Archivists represents the anglophone archivists of Canada and the Association des archivistes du Québec represents the francophone archivists of Quebec and the rest of Canada.  Associated within the Bureau of Canadian Archivists, the two national associations seek to encourage communication and cooperation among their members with the aim of promoting the development of the discipline as well as the awareness of the knowledge and expertise of Canadian archivists at the national and international levels.  Therefore, the Bureau of Canadian Archivists speaks officially for the two constituent associations in its dealings with the Government of Canada and Canadian and international agencies working in the archives administration, heritage and cultural fields.

The objective of the Bureau of Canadian Archivists is to ensure the professional development of Canadian archivists who are members of the Association des archivistes du Québec and the Association of Canadian Archivists.  The realization of this objective will result from an analysis of their needs, the ongoing exchange of information between the two constituent associations and the realization of joint projects in matters of training, development, standardization of archival practices, promotion and awareness to the social importance of the profession of archivist and of the safeguarding of the national archival heritage.