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Fonds/collection : RIGBY, J.P.
N° du document (ISN) : 33081
Titre: Canadian Army Newsreel
No. 20
N° d'acquisition : 1973-0162

Description :

1. Over the Top: The 5th Victory Loan surpasses its goal, raising over 3.7 million dollars; various scenes of military operations; personnel in various locations signing up for the loan. 2. Personalities in the News: a) Major General P.J. Montigue and other high-ranking military officers meet Colonel J.L. Ralston at an airport; Mr. Frederick [Hudd] of the Canadian High Commission; Lieutenant General Kenneth Stuart and Major H.F.G. Letson. b) Major General Letson and Major General Roberts on an inspection tour; visit the reinforcements at pre-O.C.T.U. Selection Training Camp; Colonel [MacNeil] guides them around a training course; the two Major Generals look at electric drills of the No. 1 Canadian Base Ordnance Workshop. c) Cadet J.A. [Hicks] receives a military medal for bravery, making him the only Canadian to be twice invested during the war. 3. Farewell and Hail!: The return of young veterans of Dieppe is chronicled in a unique first-person style narration; 1st Division Veterans in training; scenes from a naval battle at Dieppe; injured soldiers; the prisoners of war return a couple of years later; the Adjutant-General Sir Robert [Adams] gives an address from the Queen, followed by the Lord Provost of Edinburgh (live sound); the boat arrives at the port, with a band and people singing "Roll Out the Barrel" at dockside; crowds welcome the soldiers; an interview with a Canadian ex-prisoner of war (live sound); in Liverpool, another ship carrying the seriously-wounded former prisoners arrive at the dock; Vincent Massey greets them; disabled soldiers on the dock; RAF pilots who were shot down in Germany; at the train station, Red Cross workers give the soldiers food; Jim [Fleming], C. [Hoskin], and Bob Hall; Sergeant [Michaud]; [Armand Gérard]; Norman [Scully]; Norman [Lally]; Frank Ouimet; [Norman] and [Glen] listen to their friend talk about their experiences (live sound).
Production: 1943

Pays de production :

Créateur: Compagnie de production :
Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit
Consultation : open
Reproduction :
with written permission of copyright owner : no donor restrictions
The CAFU material is Crown copyright, expired as of 1996, and now in the public domain.

Notes :

1. Crown material over 50 years - copyright expired.

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V1 8607-0031

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