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Fonds/collection : RIGBY, J.P.
N° du document (ISN) : 25235
Titre: Canadian Army Newsreel
No. 85
N° d'acquisition : 1973-0162

Description :

Victory in the East: The surrender of Japan is announced by Prime Minister Clement Attlee of Britain; Canadian soldiers join the London celebrations; dancing in the streets; headline in Dutch newspapers announce the victory; a German civilian newspaper in Oldenburg; a soldier makes an alteration to the map at Canadian Occupational Headquarters; the English Royal Family attends St. Paul's Cathedral's Thanksgiving Ceremony, with Winston Churchill. Japan surrendered on August 14, 1945. Inter-Service Sports Meet: CWAC pipe band; the long jump; a tug of war; the high jump; Princess Juliana gives out the prizes. Canada Welcomes Tilston V.C.: The L. Hill Hospital Ship docks at Halifax Harbour; a band on the docks; Major Fred Tilston returns to Canada; a parade in his honour down the streets of Windsor; the Essex Scottish Pipe Band; the Honourable Paul Martin and Mayor [Baum] give a scroll to Tilston; speeches in an arena; ceremony and presentation of a plaque at the Toronto Cenotaph; a parade in his honour in Toronto. Equine POWs Return Home: The Royal Army Veterinarian Corps supervised the return of horses to their Dutch owners at a checkpoint in western Germany; blacksmiths shoe the animals; horses are harnessed to carts; Dutch drivers take the reins from Germans at the border; horses are returned to their owners; a farmer ploughs his field with the assistance of his newly-returned horses. 5. Dieppe Anniversary: The third Anniversary of Dieppe is commemorated in the Dieppe Cemetery; flashbacks to August 19, 1942 to the naval battle, the rescue of airmen, the dead on the beaches; a plaque is set at the furthest point reached by the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders; General George P. Vanier, the Canadian Ambassador to France, and the Chief of General Staff review the beach; the Mayor of Dieppe and General Vanier lay memorial wreaths; the 2nd Division commander General A. Bruce Matthews is given a flag by the Dieppe residents; parade of Canadian soldiers and crowds.
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Créateur: Compagnie de production :
Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit
Consultation : open
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with written permission of copyright owner : no donor restrictions
The CAFU material is Crown copyright, expired as of 1996, and now in the public domain.

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1. Crown material over 50 years - copyright expired.

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V1 8607-0037

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