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Fonds/collection : RIGBY, J.P.
N° du document (ISN) : 33129
Titre: Canadian Army Newsreel
No. 42
N° d'acquisition : 1973-0162

Description :

Quebec Conference: Winston Churhill, William Lyon Mackenzie King and Franklin Delano Roosevelt arrive in limousines at the Chateau Frontenac; they leave; Mrs. Clementine Churchill and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt are taken on a tour of a military base. The meeting between Roosevelt, Churchill and Mackenzie King took place in Quebec City between September 10 and 16, 1944. Gothic Line, Italy: Shelling at the Gothic Line near the Alps; General Charles Foulkes and General E.L.M. Burns plan their next move; the move to Rimini; tanks roll forward; Canadian Infantry marches on narrow roads; Italian refugees return home. General Vanier, Ambassador to France: Major General Georges P. Vanier places a wreath on the grave of the unknown soldier in Paris; Ontario Premier Colonel George Drew, Canadian Military Staff chief in Paris Colonel McQueen and the Canadian secretary in Paris Mr. [Saul Ray] attend. G.O.C. Visits Historic Sites: A statue of Napoleon in Rouen; Lieutenant General H.D.G. Crerar makes a presentation; an R.C.E.M.E. honour guard is inspected by Crerar and the Mayor of Rouen Mr. [Montier]; the mayor with a plaque; Crerar at a Vimy Ridge memorial with the caretaker of the monument. Into Belgium: A parade features a large model of the Giant of [Ypres] among the crowds; Montreuil is overrun; ruins of Montreuil; a large canon; in Nieuwpoort, Belgians repair bridges for armoured vehicles to cross; signalmen at work; a church ceremony at [Trencron]; children ask soldiers for autographs, large crowds in a town square; soldiers play with children. Dieppe: Footage taken by Germans in 1942 at Dieppe shows dead Allied soldiers on the beach and prisoners of war; the 2nd Canadian Division parades through Dieppe preceded by a pipe band in 1944, with General H.D.G. Crerar taking the salute; included in the parade are the Essex Scottish, the Royal Regiment of Canada; the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, the Cameron Highlanders, the South Saskatchewan Regiment, the Fusilers of Montreal, the Black Watch, the Calgary Highlanders, the Regiment Maisonneuve and the Toronto Scottish; the World War One cenotaph; people visit the new graves; Crerar reads an address at a ceremony; flowers for the graves. Canadian troops captured Dieppe on September 1, 1944.
Part: 1 of 1
Production: 1944

Pays de production :

Créateur: Compagnie de production :
Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit
Consultation : open
Reproduction :
with written permission of copyright owner : no donor restrictions
The CAFU material is Crown copyright, expired as of 1996, and now in the public domain.

Notes :

1. Crown material over 50 years - copyright expired.

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