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Fonds/collection : MCNAUGHTON, A.G.L.
N° du document (ISN) : 33076
Titre: Canadian Army Newsreel
No. 15
N° d'acquisition : 1971-0040

Description :

1. Army Sports Day: 1943 Canadian Army Track and Field Championship, with General A.G.L. McNaughton in attendance; 100 yard dash; High jump by W.L. St. John; 1 mile run won by R.N. Mavy; J.C. Crashley at the running long jump; 440 yard race; 3 mile run conclusion; Ali Gore at the shot put; 5th Division Westminster versus the 3rd Division R.C.A.C. tug of war; hop-step-jump; 440 yard relay race; McNaughton presents prizes. 2. The King Presents Colours to Dieppe Veterans: King George and Queen Elizabeth visit the Royal Regiment of Canada and the South Saskatchewan Regiment along with High Commissioner Vincent Massey; Lieutenant Col. F.L. [Nichols] and Lieutenant Col. F.A. [Cliff] meet with them on the Whitley parade grounds for an inspection tour; new colours are presented, and the troops march by. 3. Play Ball: Baseball game at Wembley Stadium; a big crowd; Major General P.J.Montigue, Lieutenant General J. [Deevers] (U.S. Army), Lord [Whigham] greets players. 4. Sicily Snapshots: a) Canadian North African Hospital in operation; doctors using lab equipment, moving patients into a tent. b) Reinforcements go over a conditioning course in North Africa. c) Royal Canadian Engineers use their bulldozers to make roads and drainage ditches; tanks roll over the new roads. d) Mule train being harnessed, supplies loaded. e) 1st Division war artist Lieutenant W.A. Ogilvy. f) Bath time for Canadian soldiers in irrigation ditches.
Production: 1943

Pays de production :

Créateur: Compagnie de production :
Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit
Consultation : open
Reproduction :
copyright expired : no donor restrictions
Remarques :
1. Originally accessioned under accession number XP-66.
2. This material is Crown copyright over 50 years and, therefore, the copyright has expired.

Notes :

1. Crown material over 50 years - copyright expired.

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V1 8607-0031

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