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Section title: Our Collection

Digital Collection Development Policy

5. Roles and Responsibilities

Librarian and Archivist
The Librarian and Archivist of Canada approves collection development policies, strategies and approaches.

ADM, Documentary Heritage Collection Sector
The ADM, Documentary Heritage Collection Sector is accountable to the Librarian and Archivist for the documentary heritage collection. The ADM also advises the Librarian and Archivist on collection development policies, strategies, and approaches. The ADM ensures the application of approved selection criteria and collecting emphases in the collection development activities of LAC.

ADM, Programs and Services Sector
The ADM, Programs and Services Sector is responsible for managing the collection development activities of the sector.

Director General, Strategic Office
The Director General, Strategic Office is responsible for providing corporate leadership for the coordination, alignment, integration, and monitoring of strategic policy and planning directions for LAC, including collection development policies and plans.

Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology
The Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology is responsible for providing the appropriate technical infrastructure to support collection development activities.

Director General, Government Information Management Office
The Director General, Government Information Management Office is responsible to develop tools and standards to assist creators of documentary heritage materials within the Government of Canada in the management and transfer of those materials to LAC.

Managers and Staff, Documentary Heritage Collection Sector and Programs and Services Sector
Influence, develop, and implement collection development programs within the parameters set out in the collection development policy and related documents.

Corporate Performance Division, Corporate Management Sector
Carries out approved audit and program evaluations related to the collection development function of LAC.

Major Acquisitions Committee
The Major Acquisitions Committee reviews and approves all proposed major acquisitions3 to ensure consistency of approach and information sharing among affected areas of LAC and coordinates planning for major acquisitions.

Collection Development Committee
The Collection Development Committee reviews collection development activities in the context of the collection development policy and related strategies, coordinates the development of internal strategies and plans, participates in the development of LAC's role in the national documentary heritage collection, and advises the ADM, Documentary Heritage Collection Sector.

6. Monitoring and Review

The ADM, Documentary Heritage Collection Sector will monitor the implementation of the collection development policy and provide periodic reports to the Management Board of LAC and to the Librarian and Archivist. The pace of implementation of the policy will be dependent on organizational capacity and priorities.

The management of the collection development activity will be the object of internal audits as part of the internal audit cycle.

The collection development program will be evaluated as part of the departmental program evaluation cycle.

Policy Review
The collection development policy will be subject to review every two years to take account of changing collection development needs, new technologies, emerging standards, etc.

3 A major acquisition is defined as an acquisition having either a purchase price of more than $25,000; or an estimated value for donation of more than $50,000; or a total cost of acquisition value of more than $75,000. The total cost of acquisition consists of the costs associated to initially process, provide access, conserve, and store materials and includes where applicable the purchase price of the acquisition.