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Information about the images used in the design of this Web exhibition:

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Artifact no. 1981.0853

Photograph of a camera, circa 1908-1912


Photograph of three sailing ships moored at the entrance to the Welland Canal, Port Colborne, Ontario, 1885


Photograph of two girls and a boy, all carrying snowshoes, posing in front of a fence in winter, Ottawa, 1890


Photograph of J. Burke Martin taking a picture while leaning over an iron railing for support, London, Ontario, circa 1938


Photograph of an Inuk girl standing on a rocky bank, leaning against a wooden pier at low tide, Northwest Territories (now Nunavut), circa 1945


Page from book, the MIKADO ALBUM, with four small photographs of men, surrounded by printed colour images of butterflies, date unknown


Photograph showing the shadows of people leaning against the railing of a ship, projected onto the side of another boat, and their reflection in the water below, 1937


Photograph of Mount Roche Miette, in Jasper, showing, in the foreground, a man fishing beside the Athabasca River in winter, Alberta, 1872


Photograph of a group of Inuit women and children, Pangnirtung, Northwest Territories (now Nunavut), 1946


Photograph of a man, Eric Petersen, patting two husky dogs, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, 1945


Photograph of a boy, Henri Groulx, standing beside a short pedestal on which is perched a white rooster, Paris, France, circa 1920


Photograph of four men and a woman, holding cameras, at the bow of a steamship, British Columbia, 1904


Stereograph of a fishing village near Battle Harbour, Labrador, circa 1900; the foreground shows a man leaning against a rock on a cliff overlooking the village


Photograph of a group of men and women swimming while holding on to a log, Muskoka, Ontario, circa 1909


Photograph of a woman comforting a boy on board a ship, Anticosti Island, Quebec, 1920


Photograph of five young girls in winter clothing standing outside near a wooden fence, Ottawa, 1890

Artifact no. 1987.0119

Photograph of a camera, circa 1902

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