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Books and Links

Further Research

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Selected Curling Websites

Canadian Curling Association (CCA).
www.curling.ca/index.asp (accessed February 15, 2006).

  • Associations have played a major role in the development of curling in Canada, and their websites provide both current and historic data on curling. This site, updated in January 2006, is an important source of information on curling in Canada.
  • Follow the links under "About the CCA" to see a list of names of member associations, including links to these associations' websites.
  • Includes historical information as well as information on current and upcoming events.
  • "Curling Facts" profiles Canadian curlers. This section is up-to-date and presents a very interesting statistical picture of curling in Canada today.

Canadian Deaf Curling Association / Association de curling des sourds du Canada.
www.canadiandeafcurlingassociation.com/ (accessed February 15, 2006).

Royal Caledonian Curling Club.
www.royalcaledoniancurlingclub.org/ (accessed February 28, 2006).

World Curling Federation.
www.worldcurlingfederation.org/ (accessed February 15, 2006).

Wheelchair Curling in Canada. Canadian Curling Association.
www.curling.ca/fan_central/wheelchair/2006/wheelchair.asp (accessed February 28, 2006).

Please note that many individual curling clubs have websites as well.

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