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December 1999

December 17, 1999
Network Notes #63
The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative

Special Editions of Canadian Newspapers

December 15, 1999
Public Programs, January 2000, Calendar of Events

December 2, 1999
National Library News, December 1999

November 1999

November 26, 1999
The 1999 Gala Reading by the Governor General's Literary Award Winners
Listen to excerpts from the award-winning books, as read by their author's at the Gala Reading hold at the National Library of Canada.

News Release #9
Fifth Annual Agatha Bystram Award Presented to Natural Resources Canada's Fire M3 Team

November 16, 1999
Governor General's Literary Award Winners for 1999
Don't miss the Gala Reading on November 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the National Library of Canada. Tickets are $15 each ($12 for Friends of the Library) and are available from the Friends at 992-8304.

PUB-PROG-PUBL is used exclusively for the announcement of forthcoming cultural events such as readings, lectures, concerts or exhibitions at the National Library of Canada. This list is not a discussion list; it is uniquely for the distribution of information. The list is open to anyone wishing to receive information sent on a regular basis. For more information about this and other mailing lists at the NLC, see www.collectionscanada.ca/services/005-7010-e.html

November 10, 1999
National Library News, November 1999
[PDF 563 KB] URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/obj/015017/f2/3111-e.pdf

November 9, 1999
Forthcoming Books, January 2000

Network Notes #62
MP3: Overview and Issues

National Library Core Statistics Program: Statistical Report 1996

November 2, 1999
Governor General's Literary Award Winners for 1999
Don't miss the News Conference announcing the Governor General's Literary Award winners on November 16 or the Gala Reading on November 17.

October 1999

October 29, 1999

News Release #8
Governor General's Literary Award Winners Read at National Library of Canada

October 28, 1999
Looking for information in Canadian newspapers? Go to the Checklist of Indexes to Canadian Newspapers held by the National Library of Canada.

News Release #7
Canadian ISBN Publishers' Directory is now available

October 22, 1999
Historians, bibliographers and researchers investigating Canadian social history will be interested in consulting Selected Almanacs in the National Library of Canada's Collection a bibliographic listing of pre and post-1900 Canadian almanacs now available at this address

October 19, 1999
NLC-BNC-AMICUS (discontinued)
This mailing list is used for posting AMICUS announcements from the National Library Client Information Centre. Services include AMICUS Windows, Access AMICUS (via the Web, Z39.50, Datapac, and Telnet), resAnet, and the National Library of Canada Catalogue via Z39.50, NAVIS and ISAAC. Important announcements, such as new releases and system availability will be announced by the NLC via this forum. For more information about this and other mailing lists at the NLC, see

The June 1999 issue of Canadiana CD-ROM is now available! This issue contains over 1.7 million records and has numerous features.

Network Notes #61
Usability and the Web: An Overview

October 15, 1999
Forthcoming Books, December 1999

October 12, 1999
1999 Speech from the Throne

Canadian ISBN Publishers' Directory
The Canadian ISBN Publishers' Directory contains name and contact information for most Canadian publishers, past and present, who use the ISBN system.

October 7, 1999
Changing Women, Changing History : Canadian Women Activists

Read Up On It 1999: Tickle Your Funny Bone

National Library News, October 1999

September 1999

September 29, 1999
News Release #6
The National Library of Canada and Wei T'o Associates receive the 1999 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award

September 26, 1999
News Release #5
National Library of Canada launches the 1999 edition of Read Up On It for Young Canadians

September 16, 1999
Forthcoming Books, November 1999

September 9, 1999
National Library News, September 1999

September 1, 1999
Canadian Committee on Cataloguing
The Canadian Committee on Cataloguing serves as an advisory body to the National Library of Canada on matters of cataloguing and bibliographic control. It also represents Canada on the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules.

Network Notes #60 - Preservation of Digital Information: Issues and Current Status

August 1999

August 31, 1999

Forthcoming Books, October 1999

August 16, 1999
New AMICUS Services Launched
Access AMICUS on the Web is a new fee-based service that blends the best of Access AMICUS, resAnet and Romulus. In addition, the National Library is introducing two new Z39.50 services: Access AMICUS via Z39.50 and National Library of Canada Catalogue via Z39.50. At the same time, we are also releasing an improved version of resAnet.

News Release #4
Access AMICUS Now Available on the Web

August 13, 1999
National Library News, July/August 1999

July 1999

July 30, 1999
News Release #3 - National Librarian Marianne Scott Retires After 15 Years

July 6, 1999
You can now search the National Library of Canada's Electronic Collection with a fulltext search. Indeed, the fulltext search provides an advanced search capability by searching in the text of electronic publications archived in the following formats: ASCII, HTML, text, Word and WordPerfect. The Search Tips document explains how to use efficiently this new application.

July 5, 1999
The Role of the National Archives of Canada and the National Library of Canada
Report submitted to the Honourable Sheila Copps by Dr. John English.

Appointment of National Librarian of Canada
Canadian Heritage News Release

June 1999

June 29, 1999
Oscar Peterson
A millennium exhibition at the National Library of Canada will honour internationally acclaimed Canadian jazz pianist and composer Oscar Peterson. The exhibition will showcase a career that has spanned more than half a century, taking him far from his roots in the tight-knit black Montreal community of St-Henri to the heights of international success.

June 17, 1999
Inventory of Canadian Digital Initiatives
The Canadian Inventory of Digital Initiatives provides descriptions of Canadian information resources created for the Web, including general digital collections, resources centred around a particular theme, and reference sources and databases.

June 14, 1999
Forthcoming Books, September 1999

Forthcoming Books, August 1999

June 4, 1999
National Library News, June 1999

May 1999

May 28, 1999
National Capital Region Library Directory
This electronic directory describes the reference and referral information services available in the National Capital Region (NCR). The directory provides librarians and researchers with practical information about collections, subject strengths and service policies. Users can access the directory through an institutional index and a broad subject index which will assist them in locating specific libraries and information centres.

May 14, 1999
Forthcoming Books, July 1999

May 6, 1999
The Otto Joachim Fonds

April 1999

April 29, 1999
The Jacques Hétu Fonds: Numerical List

Report on Plans and Priorities, 1999-2000 (Part III)
[PDF 236 KB]


April 23, 1999
Impressions: 250 Years of Printing in the Lives of Canadians
The power of print is widely acknowledged. How powerful and how pervasive the role printing has played in Canadian life is vividly demonstrated in this major exhibition.
With over 200 printed items, including lottery tickets, posters, railroad schedules, catalogues, comic books, and more, this exhibition focuses on the printed word as a tool for worship, for education, for transmission of news, to sway opinion, to learn a trade, or to fill leisure time.
Come and witness the enduring role of printing in the lives of Canadians. The power of the printed page awaits ...

News Release #2 - The National Library of Canada Celebrates Canada Book Day with Opening of New Exhibition

April 19, 1999
Directory of Special Collections
This Directory, originally published in 1992, has been updated for this electronic version and allows searching by general and primary subjects and by collections and institutions.

Nunavut: revisions to Canadian Subject Headings, Library of Congress Classification, Dewey Decimal Classification and to the MARC format

April 14, 1999
Subject heading practice for Nunavut

Forthcoming Books, June 1999

March 1999

March 11, 1999

News Release #1 - Friend Donates Lucy Maud Montgomery Collection to National Library of Canada

March 8, 1999
Forthcoming Books, May 1999

March 6, 1999
National Library News, March/April 1999

February 1999

National Library News, February 1999

Network Notes #59 - The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)

Network Notes #58 - Encoded Archival Description (EAD) and the Creation of Electronic Finding Aids

Répertoire de vedettes-matière (RVM) - January 1999

January 1999

National Library News, January 1999