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December 2002

December 16, 2002
Lecture Series: Savoir Faire 2003
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/1/9/index-e.html

December 13, 2002
Louis Forget Wins Top Prize at Public Service Awards Ceremony
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-354-e.html

December 10, 2002
Public Programs - January 2003
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/1/index-e.html

November 2002

November 27, 2002
Books More Popular than Donuts: 1999 Library Statistics
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-353-e.html

Class FC: Additions and Changes #3 (2002)
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/9/11/index-e.html

November 26, 2002
National Core Library Statistics Program: Statistical Report 1999
[PDF 633 KB]
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/obj/r3/f2/02-e.pdf

November 20, 2002
Forthcoming Books - December 2002
URL: http://collection.collectionscanada.ca/100/202/301/livres_paraitre/index.html

Forthcoming Books - January 2003
URL: http://collection.collectionscanada.ca/100/202/301/forthcoming/index.html

November 19, 2002
National Library of Canada's Public Programs - December 2002
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/1/index-e.html

November 18, 2002
Nancy Brodie Wins the 2002 Agatha Bystram Award for Leadership in Information Management
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-352-e.html

November 8, 2002
National Library of Canada's Activities and Projects: Semi-Annual Update (Fall 2002 Edition)
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/012/006/012006-218-e.html

Oscar Peterson Travelling Exhibition Opens at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-351-e.html

November 7, 2002
Book Printed Circa 1475 Part of New Exhibit at the Library and Archives of Canada
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-350-e.html

October 2002

October 29, 2002
Book Launches, Films and the Arrogant Worms at the Library and Archives of Canada
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-349-e.html

October 24, 2002
Public Programs - November 2002
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/1/index-e.html

October 23, 2002
Bulletin - September/October 2002
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/bulletin/015017-0502-00-e.html

October 22, 2002
Nicole Brossard Fonds Now Available at the Library and Archives of Canada
URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-348-e.html

The Canada Council for the Arts announces finalists for the 2002 Governor General’s Literary Awards
URL: http://www.canadacouncil.ca/news/releases/2002/iv127239269166562500.htm

October 17, 2002
Women Artists Celebrated on National Library of Canada Web site
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-347-e.html

Agreement Signed on MARC21 Development And Maintenance
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-346-e.html

October 15, 2002
The Silk Worms That Shut Down a Northern Railway Community: Stories Like This and More on a New Web Site
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-345-e.html

October 4, 2002
National Library of Canada Appoints Aboriginal Resources and Services Coordinator
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-343-e.html

October 3, 2002
Notice to clients
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-344-e.html

Management of Government Publications Survey, 2002
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/information-management/004/index-e.html

October 1, 2002
Celebrating Women's Achievements - Women Artists in Canada celebrates Women’s History Month by honouring the achievements of a range of historical and contemporary artists.
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/women/002026-500-e.html

September 2002

September 30, 2002
National Library of Canada: Excellence in Innovation Brief on the Government of Canada's Innovation Strategy
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/1/4/n4-1000-e.html -
also available in [PDF 67 KB]

September 26, 2002
National Library of Canada Launches 14th Edition of Read Up On It Kit
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-342-e.html

September 25, 2002
Savoir Faire 2002-2003
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/1/9/index-e.html

September 23, 2002
Beyond the Funnies: The History of Comics in English Canada and Quebec
Covers all Canadian comic-book forms, and features a gallery of complete issues.
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/comics/

September 20, 2002
Registering a Standardized Vocabulary
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/information-management/004/007004-3000-e.html

September 20, 2002
The Virtual Gramophone Embraces La Bolduc
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-341-e.html

September 19, 2002
Karsh Masterworks - A Tribute
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-340-e.html

September 17, 2002
Yousuf Karsh: A Selective Bibliography
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/yousuf-karsh/index-e.html

September 11, 2002
Back to School with the National Library of Canada
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-339-e.html

September 5, 2002
Forthcoming Books - November 2002
URL: http://collection.collectionscanada.ca/100/202/301/forthcoming/index.html

August 2002

August 30, 2002
Implementing Controlled Vocabulary on Government of Canada Web Sites (Thesauri and Controlled Vocabularies)
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/information-management/004/index-e.html

August 26, 2002
What's On at the National Library of Canada - September 2002
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/1/index-e.html

July 2002

July 31, 2002
Bulletin - July/August 2002
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/bulletin/015017-0402-00-e.html

July 26, 2002
Excessive Heat Threatens the National Library’s Newspaper Collection
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-336-e.html

July 25, 2002
Remote Storage of Library Materials : A Selective Bibliography
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/6/7/s7-1028-e.html

July 23, 2002
Forthcoming Books - October 2002
URL: http://collection.collectionscanada.ca/100/202/301/forthcoming/index.html

July 11, 2002
Trashy Tabloids or Literary Treasures? Exciting new show at the National Library of Canada
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-335-e.html

National Library Activities and Projects: Semi-Annual Update - June 2002
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/012/006/012006-216-e.html

June 2002

June 25, 2002
Once Again, More Water Damage at The National Library of Canada
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-334-e.html

June 21, 2002
Bulletin - May/June 2002, Vol. 34, No. 3
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/bulletin/015017-0302-00-e.html

June 20, 2002
Canada’s Oldest Newspaper Finds Its New Home at the National Library of Canada
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-333-e.html

June 18, 2002
Gifts to the National Library of Canada
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/collection/acquisition/003001-100-e.html

June 14, 2002
Native Residential Schools in Canada: A Selective Bibliography
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/native-residential/index-e.html

May 2002

May 30, 2002
Survey on the Use of NLC MARC Records in Canadian Libraries: Executive summary
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/6/17/s17-211-e.html

May 29, 2002
National Library of Canada Launches a New Site: Indian Affairs Annual Reports 1864-1990
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-332-e.html

May 24, 2002
Public Programs - June and Summer 2002
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/1/index-e.html

May 6, 2002
Canada’s Superheroes Spring to Life on the National Library of Canada’s Web site
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-331-e.html

May 1, 2002
The Belgian Connection: Original Maps, Atlases and Engravings Featured in National Library of Canada Exhibit
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-330-e.html

April 2002

April 30, 2002
Thesauri and Controlled Vocabularies Bibliography
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/information-management/004/index-e.html

Definitions of key terms in the field of controlled vocabularies
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/information-management/004/index-e.html

April 25, 2002
Resources for Teachers -- Celebrating Women's Achievements
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/women/002026-451-e.html

April 23, 2002
News Release
The National Library of Canada at the Salon international du livre de Québec
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-329-e.html

New Books Service
The National Library of Canada celebrates Canada Book Day with the launch of its unique New Books Service.
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/newbooks/index-e.html

April 22, 2002
Indian Affairs Annual Reports (1864-1990)
The Indian Affairs Annual Reports collection contains the annual reports for the Indian Affairs portfolio for the years 1864 to 1990.
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/indianaffairs/index-e.html

Forthcoming Books - July 2002
URL: http://collection.collectionscanada.ca/100/202/301/forthcoming/index.html

April 19, 2002
Public Programs - May 2002
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/1/index-e.html

Bulletin - March/April
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/bulletin/015017-0202-00-e.html

April 8, 2002
Sheet Music from Canada's Past, a website featuring a new gallery of sheet music covers.
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/sheetmusic/index-e.html

April 5, 2002
News Release
Launch of International Forum on Canadian Children's Literature at the National Library of Canada
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-328-e.html

March 2002

March 26, 2002
Public Programs - April 2002
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/1/index-e.html

March 21, 2002
Launch of Phase 2 of the Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill Website
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/moodie-traill/

March 20, 2002
Third Annual UNESCO World Poetry Day Celebration at the National Library of Canada
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-327-e.html

March 20, 2002
Engine of Immortality: Canadian Newspapers from 1752 until Today
The National Library of Canada's Web site celebrating the 250th anniversary of Canada's first published newspaper, the Halifax Gazette.
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/halifaxgazette/index-e.html

March 8, 2002
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/1/4/n4-237-e.html

March 6, 2002
D'Arcy McGee: Treasures Found at the National Library of Canada
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/confederation/023001-2370-e.html

Once Again a Major Flood Damages Canada’s Published Heritage at the National Library of Canada
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-326-e.html

March 4, 2002
Bulletin - January/February 2002
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/bulletin/015017-0201-00-e.html

February 2002

February 28, 2002
March Break: Books, Movies and Fun at the National Library of Canada
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-325-e.html

February 26, 2002
Ratification of Library Book Rate
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-324-e.html

February 22, 2002
Public Programs - March 2002
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/1/index-e.html

February 14, 2002
Browse Salt Lake 2002 Photographs
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/olympians/024004-199-e.html

February 13, 2002
Elementary and Secondary Schools: The Role, Challenges and Financial Conditions of School and School Library Resources in Canada
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/9/14/index-e.html

February 7, 2002
Canadian Private Presses
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/presses/index-e.html

February 1, 2002
Forthcoming Books - April 2002
URL: http://collection.collectionscanada.ca/100/202/301/forthcoming/index.html

January 2002

January 29, 2002
Canadian Confederation Redesigned
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/confederation/index-e.html

January 28, 2002
Queen of World Beat, Lorraine Klaasen, Plays the National Library of Canada
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-323-e.html

January 24, 2002
Proyecto Adrienne: A Canada-Chile Agreement
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/proyecto-adrienne/index-e.html

Proyecto Adrienne : Un convenio Canadá-Chile
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/proyecto-adrienne/index-s.html

January 14, 2002
National Library of Canada Exhibits the Works of Poet Phyllis Webb
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/whats-new/007/013007-322-e.html

January 11, 2002
Forthcoming Books - March 2002
URL: http://collection.collectionscanada.ca/100/202/301/forthcoming/index.html

January 9, 2002
Public Programs - February 2002
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/1/index-e.html

January 2, 2002
Bulletin - November/December 2001
URL: www.collectionscanada.ca/bulletin/015017-0111-00-e.html