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Guide to Canadian Labour History Resources

Canadian Labour Web Sites

Internet sites have been selected from searches on MultiSearch Canada and Altavista Canada as well as other search engines.

The name of the site appears as it is found on the home page for that site. If a site offers only English access, it is included in both the English and the French versions of Canadian Labour Web Sites with its title in English (i.e. site names are not translated). If a site offers bilingual access, the English version of Canadian Labour Web Sites points to the English site and its title is given in English. The French version of Canadian Labour Web Sites points to the French site and its title is given in French. Some sites offer only English access, even though they have both an English and French title. In cases such as this, the French version will point to a French title, but the site may offer only English access.

Canadian Labour Web Sites includes pointers to many different information sources. The National Library of Canada makes every effort to ensure the links are accurate and current. All links to emote sites are checked on a regular basis. Some of these sites may be temporarily overloaded or unavailable for short periods. Sites may also move or disappear completely. The National Library of Canada has no control over the availability of remote sites, and is not responsible for the information found at those sites. The inclusion of a site in Canadian Labour Web Sites does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the National Library of Canada.

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Canadian Labour-History

World History Archives--Canada History articles blueball

This site is part of the America History section of the World History Archives. Canada Labor History is the second category after Canada General History and includes articles and press releases on labour issues from the past two years.
The URL for this site is http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/44/index-b.html

Canadian Labour History Bibliography blueball

Compiled by Michael Lonardo, Social Sciences Librarian, Queen Elizabeth II Library, Memorial University of Newfoundland. The bibliography is a new version of the Canadian Labour History Bibliography and now includes a sophisticated search engine. Each record has had subject descriptors assigned. The bibliography will be updated regularly.

Canadian Committee on Labour History Green ball

This site provides the contents page of Labour / Le Travail, the semi-annual publication of the Canadian Committee on Labour History. It includes subscription information, and an archival site of the contents pages of back issues since volume 1 in 1976. The information on the Committee is available in English and in French. All other information is in English only.
The URL for this site is http://www.mun.ca/cclh/llt/index.html

CMCC - Canadian labour history, 1850-1999 Green ball

The story of how Canadians worked to advance social progress="the weight of laws designed to alleviate human suffering." This web site traces the history of Canadian Labour with the aim of showing how it served its members while forcing broader reforms on our nation. Canada, while slow to start passing national legislation in this regard, rapidly addressed its social needs from the 1940s onwards.
The URL for this site is http://www.civilization.ca/membrs/canhist/labour/lab01e.html

Social Sciences and Social Issues blueball

Argus Clearinghouse has produced an Internet research library on a variety of academic subjects. The subsection, Social Sciences and Social Issues, includes primarily articles from the United States but the site does include several articles written by Canadians on Canadian social and labour issues.
The URL for this site is http://www.clearinghouse.net/

Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) Green ball

Of interest to labour historians is this site's list of upcoming Canadian studies conferences, publications in the field of Canadian studies (including ordering information for the Occasional papers series), awards and programmes and links to other Canadian studies sites.
The URL for the english site is http://www.er.uqam.ca/nobel/c1015/

International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS) Green ball

ICCS is a federation of twenty national and multi-national Canadian Studies Associations. It provides links to Canadian Studies programmes, Canadian sites and includes a search function.
The URL for the english site is http://www.iccs-ciec.ca/pages/yentrance.html

Canadian Institute for Historic Microreproductions (CIHM) Green ball

CIHM has filmed pre-1900 monographs and periodicals and is in the process of filming 1900-1920 monographs and pamphlets with an estimated 25,000 to be filmed by 1999, including many documents on labour issues and labour personalities. Researchers may also search the CIHM database for specific documents.
The URL for this site is http://www.canadiana.org/eco.php?doc=cihm/

National Archives of Canada Green ball

The National Archives of Canada homepage includes policy and administrative information for onsite rather than collections contents information.
The URL for this site is http://www.collectionscanada.ca/08/08_e.html

Welcome to the Center for Research on French Canadian Culture (CRFCC) Red ball

The Centre hold a large number of collections of important French Canadian historians and historical societies. At present, many of these are not yet available on the Internet but an excellent subject listing will guide researchers to a description of the CRCCF's collections.
The URL for this site is http://www.uottawa.ca/academic/crccf/

Human Resources Development Canada Library Green ball

The Website gives a list of subject areas available at HDRC and information on searching their online catalogue.
The URL for the english site is http://www.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca/library/common/lib.shtml

Documents on the 1949 Asbestos Strike Green ball

This collection contains 135 documents of around 600 pages. Two-thirds of the texts are in French and the rest in English. Another 30 to 40 documents will be added in the next six months. The collection includes documents and speeches of Jean Marchand, Gérard Picard, speeches and reports from the Canadian and Catholic Confederation of Labour (1949), all editorials from several newspapers on the strike, individual accounts, company declarations, a bibliography etc. The page serves as a complete and objective unit on the subject of the 1949 asbestos strike. The Collection is part of Professor Claude Bélanger's Quebec History site at Marianopolis College.
The URL for this site is http://www2.marianopolis.edu/quebechistory/docs/asbestos/index.htm

Cradle of Collective Bargaining blueball

Go to Subject Listing, choose Labour and click on Cradle of Collective Bargaining.
The URL for this site is http://www.humanities.mcmaster.ca/~cradle/

Canadian Labour-Statisitcs

Multinational Monitor : Resources by Country blueball

Researchers can search Multinational Monitor, an American magazine that tracks corporate activity, especially in the Third World, focusing on the export of hazardous substances, worker health and safety, labor union issues and the environment.
The URL for this site is http://www.essential.org/cgi-bin/countrylist

International Labour Organization Green ball

The URL for this site is http://www.ilo.org

The Great Depression blueball

The URL for this site is http://heritage.excite.sfu.ca/pgm/depress/greatdepress.html

Left History blueball

The URL for this site is http://www.yorku.ca/lefthist/

Centre for Industrial Relations at the University of Toronto blueball

The URL for this site is http://www.chass.utoronto.ca/cir/

Canadian Labour-Unions

LaborNet@IGC Strike Page blueball

The Institute for Global Communications has provided a history of international labour strike activity going back one year as well as links to other important labour activities sites. The focus is international.
The URL for this site is http://www.igc.apc.org/

Canadian Labour-Other Organizations

A Brief History of the NDP blueball

Includes information on J.S. Woodsworth, the Winnipeg General Strike, the Independent Labour Party and the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation Union as well as key figures in the history of the New Democratic Party.
The URL for this site is http://www.ndp.ca/history

Canada WorkNet : Work and Learning in Canadian Communities Green ball

CanWorkNet is a partnership, on the Internet, of Canadian organizations with an interest in human resource development, specifically, work, learning, and related issues. It is a navigational aid, a collection of signposts pointing to relevant Internet sites. On the first page of CanWorkNet users must choose to proceed in either English or French. The content, although similar, is not identical and users may switch back and forth between the English and French by clicking on the button at the top of CanWorkNet screens. CanWorkNet points to the home pages of private sector companies, government departments at the federal, provincial and municipal level and non-governmental organizations representing all kinds of interests.
The URL for this site is http://www.workinfonet.ca/

Canadian Labour-Documents

NAFTA Webfinder blueball

This non-graphic sites provides official U.S. Government text on the North American Free Trade Agreement.
The URL for this site is http://ucsu.colorado.edu/~slusarz/nafta/nafta.html

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