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Alphabet Books

Aguanno, Leonard (Art). Colleayn Olive Mastin (Text). Canadian Trees A-Z. Kamloops, B.C.: Grasshopper Books, c1989. 30 p.
ISBN 0969264135

Ballint, Anna Maria (Art). Michel Cailloux (Text). Avec Bobinette j'apprends l'alphabet. Saint-Lambert, Qué.: Héritage, [1991?]. 4 p.
ISBN 2762565235. (Published previously as: J'apprends l'ABC, c1983.)

Barham, Scott (Art). Sheldon Oberman (Text). The Lion in the Lake: A Bilingual Alphabet Book = Le Lion dans le lac: un abécédaire bilingue. Winnipeg: Peguis Publishers, 1988. 59 p.
ISBN 0920541364

Béha, Philippe (Art). Marie-Antoinette Delolme (Text). Les Jeux de Pic-Mots. Boucherville, Qué.: Graficor, c1988. 1 abc book, 1 guide, 58 cards, 2 gameboards, 1 sound cassette; in a container.
ISBN 2892421217

Blades, Ann (Art and Text). By the Sea: An Alphabet Book. Toronto: Kids Can Press, c1985. 28 p.
ISBN 0919964745 (bound)

Bradford, June (Art). Marcie Baron (Concept). Mon alphabet à moi. Toronto: Annick, c1996. 17 p.
ISBN 1550374141(Translation of Your Own ABC.)

Bradford, June (Art). Marcie Baron (Concept). Your Own ABC. Toronto: Annick, c1996. 17 p.
ISBN 1550374974

Bùi, B'ao Th.ach (Art and Text). I-tu vui = Fun Alphabet. Toronto: Homeland Publications = Que-Hng xuPat-ban, 1984, c1983. 71 p.

Cleaver, Elizabeth (Art and Text). ABC. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1984. 55 p.
ISBN 0195404661

Daigle, Gisele (Art). Barbara Wilson (Text). A B C et and 1 2 3. Victoria, B.C.: Press Porcepic, 1980. 48 p.
ISBN 0888781652

Eitzen, J. R. Menarick and M. Orr (Art). J. Pachano and J. Rabbitt Ozores (Text). James Bay Cree ABC in Song and Picture. Chisasibi, Que.: James Bay Cree, Cultural Education Center, c1983. 56 p.

Elder, Maureen (Art and Text). A Book of Cats. Toronto: Toronto Humane Society, c1992. 31 p.
ISBN 0969731401

Ellis, Louise (Art and Text). The Alphavegetabet. Don Mills, Ont.: Collier Macmillan Canada, c1976. 55 p.
ISBN 002976730X

Goodtrack, Kim Soo (Art and Text). ABC's of Our Spiritual Connection. Pentiction, B.C.: Theytus Books, 1994. 59 p.
ISBN 0919441440

Harrison, Ted (Art and Text). A Northern Alphabet. Montreal: Tundra Books, 1989, c1982. 30 p.
ISBN 0887762093

Howard-Gibbon, Amelia Frances (Art). An Illustrated Comic Alphabet. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1966. 31 p. (Reproduction of a manuscript in the Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library. Illustrations drawn in 1859. The text is based on an early anonymous rhyming alphabet, published in 1836 under the title: A Was an Archer.)

Johnson, Odette and Bruce Johnson (Art and Text, Shared). Apples, Alligators and Also Alphabets. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1990. 30 p.
ISBN 0195407571

Johnston, Nola (Art). Roma Dehr and Ronald M. Bazar (Text). From A to Z by Bike: The Comprehensive Guide to Safe Bicycling for Kids and Adults. Vancouver: AMC Media Corp., 1993. 39 p.
ISBN 0919597157

Joukema, Lorri (Art and Text). Colour Me. Campden, Ont.: L. Joukema, 1994. 34 p.
ISBN 0969888708 (Cover title in sign language with subtitle: The American Sign Language Finger Spelling Alphabet.)

Kingston, Cyril L. (Art and Text). An Army Alphabet: Pictured and Rhymed. Toronto: Salvation Army, 1978. 14 p.
ISBN 0888570147

Kiss, Andrew (Art). Margriet Ruurs (Text). A Mountain Alphabet. Toronto: Tundra Books, 1996. 32 p.
ISBN 088776374X

Laner, Doris (Art). Colleayn Olive Mastin (Text). Canadian Birds A-Z. Kamloops, B.C.: Grasshopper Books, 1987. 32 p.
ISBN 0969264101

MacDonald, Thoreau (Art). Lyn Cook (Text). A Canadian ABC. Waterloo, Ont.: Penumbra Press, 1990. 96 p.
ISBN 0921254245

MacDonald, Thoreau (Art). Robert K. Gordon (Text). A Canadian Child's ABC. Toronto: Dent, 1931. (Letchworth, England: Temple Press). 59 p.

McDiarmid, John (Art). Allison Gertridge (Text). Animals by Alphabet. Richmond Hill, Ont.: Scholastic Canada, 1991. 30 p.
ISBN 0590738305

Moak, Allan (Art and Text). A Big City ABC. Montreal: Tundra Books, 1984. 32 p.
ISBN 0887761615

Moore, Yvette (Art). Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet (Text). A Prairie Alphabet: ABC. Montreal: Tundra Books, 1992. 32 p.
ISBN 0887762921

Morgan, Nicola. (Art and Text). The Great B.C. Alphabet Book. Markham, Ont.: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1985. 56 p.
ISBN 0889029768

Naish, Vicki Kimberley (Art and Text). A Growing ABC Book. [Ottawa?]: V.K. Naish, 1984 (Ajax, Ont.: Printer's Ink). 30 p.

Paré, Roger (Art and Text). L'Alphabet. Montréal: Les éditions la courte échelle, [1994?], c1985. 24 p.
ISBN 2890212246

Paré, Roger (Art and Text). The Annick ABC, Toronto: Annick, 1987, c1985. 23 p.
ISBN 0920303781 (Translation of: L'Alphabet.)

Peacock, David (Art). Philip Johnson (Text). The Great Canadian Alphabet Book. Willowdale, Ont.: Hounslow Press, 1981. 26 p.
ISBN 0888820437

Peterson, Roy (Art and Text). The Canadian A B C Book. Edmonton: Hurtig, 1977. 56 p.
ISBN 0888301464

Pilcher, Steve (Art and Text). Elfabit. Burlington, Ont.: Hayes Publishing, 1982. 30 p.
ISBN 0886250420

Pomminville, Louise (Art and Text). L'Abécédaire de Pitatou. Montréal: Leméac, 1979. 60 p.
ISBN 2760998312

Potvin, Jean-Marie (Art). Monique Turcotte-Delisle (Text). Abécédaire. Montréal: Centre éducatif et culturel, 1981. 31 p.
ISBN 2761701143

Poulin, Stéphane (Art and Text). Ah! belle cité!: abc = A Beautiful City: ABC. Montréal: Livres Toundra = Tundra Books, 1985. 32 p.
ISBN 0887761755

Roache, Gordon (Art and Text). A Halifax ABC. Montreal: Tundra Books, 1987. 32 p.
ISBN 0887761836

Rutherford, Erica (Art and Text). An Island Alphabet. Charlottetown, P.E.I.: Ragweed, 1994. 32 p.
ISBN 0921556446

Scott, Elizabeth (Art). Kathy Creaghan Gray (Text). The Bridge from A - Z: Linking PEI & NB, Canada. Cornwall, PEI: Quality Action Consulting, 1996. 24 p.
ISBN 0968055400

Smith, Cyndi (Art and Text). Rocky Mountains Alphabet Book. Canmore, Alta.: Coyote Books, 1994. 32 p.
ISBN 0969245750

Thompson, J.D. (Art). Colleayn Olive Mastin (Text). Canadian Wild Animals A - Z. Kamloops, B.C.: Grasshopper Books, 1986. 33 p.
ISBN 96926410095

Thomsen, Airdrie (Art and Text). The Gift Angel. Toronto: Stoddart, 1987. 34 p.
ISBN 0773721460

Thornhill, Jan (Art and Text). The Wildlife ABC: A Nature Alphabet. Toronto: Greey de Pencier Books, 1994, c1988. 30 p.
ISBN 1895688132

Tibo, Gilles (Art). Marie-Francine Hébert (Text). Abécédaire. Montréal: Les éditions la courte échelle, [1979?]. 32 p.
ISBN 289021009X

Van Kampen, Vlasta (Art and Text) . ABC, 1 2 3: The Canadian Alphabet and Counting Book. Edmonton: Hurtig, 1982. 47 p.
ISBN 0888302231

Winik, J. Terry and Laura Pashuk (Art and Text, Shared). Fun from A to Z. Burlington, Ont.: Hayes Publishing, 1985. 32 p.
ISBN 0886251052

ABC, 1, 2, 3. Saint-Lambert, Qué.: Héritage, c1994. 1 case, 19 x 19 x 4 cm.
ISBN 2762578361 (kit). (Eighteen traditional wooden alphabet and number blocks are combined with two sturdy bright early-learning books.)

ABC, 1, 2, 3. Saint-Lambert, Que.: Héritage, 1994. 1 case, 19 x 19 x 4 cm.
ISBN 2762577853 (kit). (Eighteen traditional wooden alphabet and number blocks are combined with two sturdy bright early-learning books. Translation of ABC, 1, 2,3.)

Alphabet book. Project was prepared under the guidance of Anne Wyse with the advice of her husband, Alexander Wyse. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1969, c1968. 59 p.

Hands-on Alphabet Book [braille]. By the Tactile Section, CNIB National Library Division. Toronto: Canadian National Institute for the Blind, c1987. 28 leaves of print and braille (thermoform).
ISBN 0921122004

Little Folks Alphabet. Toronto: Canada Games Company, 1919. 10 p.

Nature ABC. Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1989. 56 p.
ISBN 1550131435

The Noisy Alphabet. Toronto: Yonge & Bloor Publishing, 1990. 32 p.
ISBN 1895204003

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