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Canadian Newspapers on Microform held by the National Library of Canada
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Canadian Newspapers on Microform Held by the Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada receives, through legal deposit, all newspapers filmed after January 1, 1988 for which more than three copies are produced. Library and Archives Canada also participates in the Decentralized Program for Canadian Newspapers by acquiring and listing all newspapers filmed by the provincial/territorial institutions responsible for filming them (where funds permit and when other no institution makes the title available on interlibrary loan). Library and Archives Canada will attempt to acquire all newspapers filmed commercially before 1988, starting with daily newspapers. In addition, all ethnic, native and student newspapers filmed are also purchased when they do not meet the legal deposit requirements.

This list, organized by province/territory and city, contains over 2300 Canadian titles including ethnic, native and student newspapers. This version of the list has been produced from an in-house finding aid which allows onsite users to easily locate all of the National Library holdings for a particular title that are available on microfilm. Please note that this list is not connected to a bibliographic system that provides access to interlibrary loan services. Users should consult AMICUS before requesting material through the services of their local library.

As changes are made frequently to the holdings and to the shelf numbers (NJ.FM.XXX), do not use these numbers when requesting material on interlibrary loan. Please refer to our bibliographic system for the most up-to-date holdings and shelf locations.

Using the List

  • Each newspaper is entered according to masthead title. "See" and "see also" references are used extensively to link to variations in titles and to changes in place of publication.

  • English-language newspapers are entered in English; French-language newspapers in French and other languages are entered in all languages used; notes provided are bilingual.

  • Square brackets [ ] are used to indicate incomplete holdings.

  • Asterisks * and the plus sign + are used to indicate a current subsription

Using an entry

  • Sample entry

    Kitimat Northern Sentinel.
         NJ.FM.52 Ap 15, 1954- D 1973 AN 8954140
         Another edition / autre édition NJ.FM.2025 Ja 3,
         1974- D 27, 1979 AN 11219955

    Kitimat Northern Sentinel.
    This is the title of the newspaper as it appears on the microfilm reel. In most cases, this is the masthead title of the newspaper as it appeared for most of its run. We have tried to simplify the title changes for many of the newspapers. However, a complete publishing history may be found in the Union List of Canadian Newspapers on Microfiche. (Ottawa : National Library of Canada, 1993) or through the bibliographic system, AMICUS.

    This indicates where the item is located in the library.
    NJ - indicates it is a newspaper (journal)
    FM - indicates the material type (fiche/film)
    As this list was originally used as an in-house finding aid, we have included these numbers to help the retrieval staff to locate the item. These numbers should not be quoted in requests made through your local library as they are subject to change.

    Ap 15, 1954- D 1973
    This is the range of dates that Library and Archives Canada has on microfilm or microfiche for this particular edition, NOT the dates of publication. To view the beginning and end dates of publication for a particular title, please consult the Union List of Canadian Newspapers or the AMICUS record.

    AN 895414
    AN indicates the AMICUS Number and refers to the unique number for each record in the AMICUS bibliographic system. We have included one number only as the finding aid allows onsite patrons to retrieve any date indicated for a particular title through any of the many records for each title as long as the NJ.FM. number matches the holdings.

    Another edition / autre édition NJ.FM.2025 Ja 3, 1974- D 27, 1979 AN 11219955
    This may occur when more than one micropublisher has filmed a newspaper. When additional print copies are located they are often filmed by a different micropublisher. If dates overlap, request both editions that are available on interlibrary loan through the services of your local library.

This project was sponsored by Bell Canada through the Stentor Alliance.