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Guide to Canadian Political Science Resources:


Photo courtesy of the National Archives of Canada (C24356)

Federal Institutions and their Structure

Prepared by Norma Gauld, Reference and Information Services

These sources have been selected to assist researchers in locating current information about Canadian government institutions, their structure, the political system and the policy making process. The guide includes non-government sources in both print and electronic format (accessible via the Internet) but does not include provincial and local material. Users are also encouraged to refer to "Information Management" for sources published by the Government of Canada.

All the print materials listed are available from the National Library of Canada, which has unique collections of interest to political science researchers. For example political speeches, including a collection of federal Cabinet Ministers speeches on microfiche, which includes speeches of Leaders of the Opposition and covers the period from 1970 to the last five years and some earlier material dating back to the 1940's. The library also has a strong collection of Canadian political biographies and newsletters and periodicals of Canadian political parties.

Sites on the Internet
Bibliographies and Guides
Basic Sources
Annual Overviews

Sites on the Internet

Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) (Bilingual)
Provides a list of "Canadian Public Policy Resources"organized by topic.
URL: http://www.cpac.ca/

"Canada Speaks" (Bilingual)
A collection of speeches by Canadian Prime Ministers dating back to Confederation.
URL: http://epe.lac-bac.gc.ca/100/200/301/nlc-bnc/can_speaks-ef/english/

Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA). (Some French content)
Provides links to the Internet sites of Canadian university political science departments and political science associations. Also included are book reviews and abstracts of articles from the Canadian Journal of Political Science, a guide to "Electronic Resources for Political Scientists", and access to the CPSA POLCAN Listserver and Archive.
URL: http://www.sfu.ca/igs/CPSA.html

CyberSciencesPo: Guide de ressources en sciences humaines et en politique canadienne (French only)
Professeur François-Pierre Gingras, University of Ottawa, prepared this guide for the humanities, political science and Canadian politics.

"How Canadians govern themselves" (Bilingual)
The latest edition of this indispenable book by Eugene A. Forsey is available at this site. Also published in French under the title: "Les canadiens et leur système de gouvernement".
URL: http://www.parl.gc.ca/information/library/idb/forsey/index-e.asp

ITP Nelson Political Science (Some French content)
"Canadian Politics on the Web" provides extensive links to sites, full-text documents and graphs, organized by subject categories. See also "Community Resources" and "Glossary" sections.
URL: http://www.polisci.nelson.com

Policy Research Initiative (PRI)
"Links to Policy Research Organizations" provide access to over 400 policy research "organizations and information that make up the world of policy research". "Government of Canada Policy Research" provides "comprehensive links to the policy research components of federal government departments and agencies".
URL: http://policyresearch.schoolnet.ca/main-e.htm

Political Science: A Net Station (University of British Columbia Library) (English only)
A comprehensive guide to "Canadian sites" and to those in all fields of political science. Includes links to Canadian and international associations, listservers, electronic journals and reference sources.
URL: http://www.library.ubc.ca/poli/

Le politologue internaute (Bilingual)
Provides connections to English and French sites in most fields of political science, both Canadian and international.
URL: http://pages.infinit.net/ift/scienpo.html

Resources of Scholarly Societies - Political Science (English only)
University of Waterloo Electronic Library Scholarly Societies Project. Provides up to date links to the Web sites of Canadian and international political science societies.
URL: http://www.lib.uwaterloo.ca/society/polisci_soc.html

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Bibliography of Canadian Politics and Society (CPOL)
Provided by the University of British Columbia Library, this database contains nearly 33,000 citations to studies published as journal articles, books, pamphlets, papers presented at academic conferences, dissertations, theses, data files and essays in collectively published works.
URL : http://www.library.ubc.ca/poli/cpol1.html

biblioPOL: Une banque bibliographique pour l'enseignement en français de la science politique (French only)
A bibliography based upon material useful for teaching political science in French, and which is already available within the network of Francophone universities outside of Quebec.
URL: http://aix1.uottawa.ca/~fgingras/biblio/b-can.html

"Collection Canada"
Provided by the International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS)/ Conseil international d'études canadiennes (CIEC), this database provides a listing of books, theses, and whole serial issues on Canada or Canadians, published outside Canada and received for "review" in the Secretariat office of the ICCS, including a "Political Science" section.
URL : http://www.iccs-ciec.ca/pages/yentrance.html

PARLIT --library database
Inter-Parliamentary Union = Union interparlementaire "a unique database of bibliographic references on the role, structure and working methods of national parliaments, and on electoral systems, constitutional law, history and political science. PARLIT is regularly updated ... The database currently includes references to over 7,000 books and studies as well as 30,000 articles taken from 160 periodicals used as information sources", including references to Canada. "Although the complete database contains references to publications since 1965, for technical reasons on-line access is currently limited to data since 1992 only".
URL: http://www.ipu.org/parlit-e/parlit.htm

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Bibliographies and Guides

Boilard, Gilberte ; Buttazzoni, Maria . -- Guide de documentation politique. -- 2e éd. --. Québec : Bibliothèque de l'Assemblée nationale, 1991. -- 93 p.-- 2551126290
Z7165 C3 B63 1991 fol. Ref.

Canadian public administration : bibliography = Administration publique canadienne : bibliographie. -- compiled by W. E. Grasham and Germain Julien. -- Toronto : Institute of Public Administration of Canada, [c1972]. -- 261 p. -- Note: Coverage is 1930 to May 1971. -- Supplements were published for: 1971-1972; 1973-1975; 1976-1978; 1979-1982; 1983-1985. No further supplements are planned.
Z7164 A2 G63 fol Ref.

Jones, Linda M. -- Canadian studies : foreign publications and theses = Études canadiennes : publications et thèses étrangères. -- 4th ed. -- Ottawa : International Council for Canadian Studies, 1992. -- xvii, 525 p.. -- 0969186223. -- Note: Supplements were published for 1993 - 1995; 1996 - 1997.
Z1385 M65 1992 fol. Ref. - Copy 3
Contains monographs, periodicals and theses published outside Canada. See "Politics, Law and Public Administration = Science Politique, droit et administration publique" section. Updated by "Collection Canada" on the Internet: http://www.iccs-ciec.ca/

École nationale d'administration publique (Québec) ; Gélinas, Michel. -- Guide bibliographique en administration publique. -- Éd. 1992, Mis à jour en janv. 1992. -- [Sainte-Foy, Québec] : ÉNAP, 1992. -- 71 p. -- 2920112562
Z7164 A2 E26 1992 fol. Ref

Laponce, Iza ; APAK Group. -- Bibliography of Canadian politics & society [computer file] : a selective bibliography providing up to date and retrospective coverage of the literature of Canadian politics to May 1993. -- Etobicoke, Ont. : APAK Group, [1994?].
FC164 L34 1994 Ref.
Updated edition is available on the Internet at this URL: http://toby.library.ubc.ca/resources/bibliolist.cfm

Mahler, Gregory. Contemporary Canadian politics : an annotated bibliography, 1970-1987. -- compiled by Gregory Mahler. New York : Greenwood Press, 1988. -- xiv, 400 p.
Z1385 M73 1988 Ref.

Mahler, Gregory. Contemporary Canadian politics, 1988-1994 : an annotated bibliography. -- compiled by Gregory Mahler. -- Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1995. -- xxii, 204 p. -- 0742-6909
Z1385 M74 1995 Ref.

McMenemy, John. -- The language of Canadian politics : a guide to important terms and concepts. -- Waterloo, Ont. : Wilfrid Laurier University Press, c1995. -- xxi, 322 p. -- 0889202303
JA61 M33 1995 Ref.

Reid, Darrel R. (Darrel Robert) , Queen's University (Kingston, Ont.). Institute of Intergovernmental Relations. -- Bibliography of Canadian and comparative federalism, 1980-1985. -- Kingston, Ont. : Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen's University, c1988. -- vii, 492 p. -- 088911451X -- Note: Supplement was published covering 1986.
Z1387 F4 R44 1988 Ref.

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Basic Sources

Bernard, André. -- Les institutions politiques au Québec et au Canada. -- [Montréal] : Boréal, 1995. -- 122 p. -- 2890526259
JL75 B47 1995

Bernard, André. -- La vie politique au Québec et au Canada. -- Sainte-Foy : Presses de l'Université du Québec, 1996. -- xviii, 616 p. -- 2760506347
FC2911 B49 1996 - 2e ex.

Canada. Privy Council Office. -- Decision-making processes and central agencies in Canada : federal, provincial and territorial practices. -- Ottawa : Privy Council Office, Government of Canada, 1998. -- 149, 155 p. -- Title on added t.-p.: Les processus décisionnels et les organismes centraux au Canada.
See also: http://www.pco-bcp.gc.ca/

Dawson, Robert MacGregor. -- Dawson's The government of Canada. -- revised by Norman Ward. -- 6th ed. -- Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 1987. -- ix, 373 p. -- 0802057314
JL15 D3 1987 Ref

Dyck, Perry Rand. -- Canadian politics : critical approaches. -- 2nd ed. -- Scarborough, Ont. : Nelson Canada, 1996. -- xxii, 672 p. -- 0176049304
JL75 D93 1996 - Copy 2

Forsey, Eugene A. -- How Canadians govern themselves. -- 4th ed. -- Ottawa : Public Information Office, Library of Parliament, c1997. -- vi, 50 p. -- 0660168723. -- Also published in French under the title: Les Canadiens et leur système de gouvernement.
COP.CA.2.1997-2694 - Copy 2
See also: http://www.parl.gc.ca/information/library/idb/forsey/index-e.asp

Fox, Paul W., White, Graham. -- Politics : Canada. -- 8th ed. -- [Whitby, Ont.] : McGraw-Hill Premis, c1995. -- v, 660 p. -- 0390427233. -- Note: "The readings in this custom text have been selected from a continuously updated database ... "
F5091 F6 1995 fol. Ref.

Fraser, John A. -- The House of Commons at work. -- Montréal : Éditions de la Chenelière, 1993. -- xii, 195 p. -- 289310164X. -- Also published in French under the title: La Chambre des communes en action.
JL161 F72 1993 fol.Ref.

Governing Canada : institutions and public policy. -- edited by Michael M. Atkinson. -- Toronto : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Canada, c1993. -- x, 387 p. -- 077473213X
JL81 G68 1993 - Copy 2

Kernaghan, Kenneth, Siegel, David. -- Public administration in Canada : a text. -- 3rd ed. -- Toronto : Nelson Canada, 1995. -- xi, 706 p. -- 0176041877
JL108 K45 1995 - Copy 2

Landes, Ronald G. -- The Canadian polity : a comparative introduction. -- 4th ed. -- Scarborough, Ont. : Prentice-Hall Canada, c1995. -- xvi, 557 p. -- 013177395X
JL65 1983 L36 1995 - Copy 2

Malcolmson, Patrick N. and Myers, Richard M. -- The Canadian regime. -- Peterborough, Ont. : Broadview Press, c1996. -- 269 p. -- 1551111128
JL81 M34 1996 - Copy 2

Mallory, J. R. -- The structure of Canadian government. -- Rev. ed. -- Toronto : Gage, 1984. -- viii, 472 p. -- 0771556004
JL65 1971 M32 1984 Ref.

Party politics in Canada. -- Edited by Hugh G. Thorburn. -- 7th ed. -- Scarborough, Ont. : Prentice-Hall Canada, 1996. -- xi, 643 p.-- 0134392175
JL195 T45 1996 - Copy 2

Tremblay, Manon ; Pelletier, Marcel R. -- Le système parlementaire canadien. -- Sainte-Foy, Québec : Presses de l'Université Laval, 1995. -- 763774121
JL75 S97 1996 Ref. Copy 2

Whittington, Michael S. ; Van Loon, Richard J. -- Canadian government and politics : institutions and processes. -- Toronto : McGraw-Hill Ryerson, c1996. -- x, 712, (67) p. -- 0075511029
JL65 1996 W55 1996 - Copy 2

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Annual Overviews

Canada, the state of the federation. --(1985)- . -- Edited by Peter M. Leslie. -- Kingston, Ont. : Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen's University, 1985- . -- 0827-0706 -- Note: title varies: 1976-1978 Federal Year in Review; 1979-1983 The Year in review; Intergovernmental Relations in Canada. -- Also published in French under the title: Canada, l'état de la fédération.
JL27 F42

Canadian annual review of politics and public affairs. -- (1960)- . -- Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 1960- . vol. -- 0315-1433. -- Title varies/le titre varie: 1960-1970 Canadian annual review.
F5003 C216 Ref.

Canadian annual review of public affairs. -- (1901)-(1937/38). -- Toronto: Canadian Review, 1902-1940. -- 35 vol. -- 0384-9511.
F5011 C3

Doern, G. Bruce ; Maslove, Allan M. ; Carleton University, School of Public Administration. -- How Ottawa spends. -- (1983)- . -- Toronto : J. Lorimer & Co., 1983 - . -- 0822-6482. -- Title varies/le titre varie: 1980-1982 How Ottawa spends your tax dollars.
HJ7663 S6
See also: http://www.carleton.ca/spa/

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