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Banner: Tales From The Vault! Canadian Pulp Fiction 1940-1952
Table of Contents
About Tales From the Vault!
Canadian Pulp Industry
English Pulp Collection
French Pulp Collection
Corrupting Morals
Decline of the Pulps
Effects of the Pulps
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Full-Length Magazines
Educational Resources
Letters to the Editor
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Gallery of Pulp Covers (Flash Version) - Help

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Example 2
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  • Select the Reset button to return the cover to its default size.
  • Select the Print button to print the cover and its annotated text.
  • Select the Close button to return to the gallery.
Example 3
  • Covers you have viewed are automatically placed in the tray at the bottom of the gallery screen in the order that you viewed them. You can choose as many covers as you wish, even though only nine will be visible in the tray. To display the viewed covers that don't appear in the tray, use the left and right arrow keys.
  • Select the Clear button in the tray to refresh the entire gallery and clear the viewed covers.

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