Joseph B. Tyrrell

Biographical card of Joseph B. Tyrrell Joseph B. Tyrrell DINO MAN
The text reads as follows: Born November 1, 1858 in Weston, Ontario (near Toronto). Died August 26, 1957 in Toronto Star Power: 1 star
Joined the Geological Survey of Canada at age 23. Worked at the Geological Survey for 17 years
Strengths: was able to change his career from a geologist, to running a gold mine, to editing and publishing journals, and then to developing an apple farm
Weakness: left the Geological Survey of Canada because he was not getting promoted
Hobbies: changing careers, making lucky finds
Claims to fame: found first major dinosaur in Canada; discovered major coal fields in the west; successful in gold mining after leaving the Geological Survey of Canada

Joseph B. Tyrrell