Robert Bell

Biographical card of Robert Bell Robert Bell THE DOCTOR
The text reads as follows: Born June 3, 1841 in Toronto. Died June 17, 1917 in Rathwell, Manitoba Star power: 2 stars
Joined the Geological Survey of Canada at age 15. Worked at the Geological Survey for 52 years
Strengths: science teacher, explorer, medical doctor, writer and geologist
Weakness: Was director of the Geological Survey of Canada for only five years and only on a temporary basis - and could not stop complaining about how unfair it was!
Hobbies: travel, writing, mapping, place-naming, photography, ethnography, natural history, medicine
Claims to fame: named around 3,000 places in Canada; travelled farther and wrote more than any other rock star; worked for the Geological Survey of Canada for 52 years!

Robert Bell