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Banner: Interlibrary Loans (ILL) at Library and Archives Canada

Welcome to the Library and Archives Canada Interlibrary Loan Services!

The National Library of Canada receives approximately 550 interlibrary loan requests a day from libraries across Canada and around the world seeking to borrow either from the National Library's extensive collections or to find a library which holds the item they wish to borrow. In response to these requests, libraries receive either a loan of the requested item from the National Library's collections, a photocopy (of a periodical article for example), or a list of libraries where the item is held.

The National Library does not charge for photocopies, loans, locations or any other interlibrary loan service with the exception of a charge or replacement for lost items.


1. Interlibrary Loan Policy
1.1 Clientele
1.2 International Services
1.3 Charges
1.4 Loan Period

2. What is available for interlibrary loan?
2.1 What is not available for interlibrary loan?
2.2 Other sources for ILLs
2.3 Photocopies in lieu of interlibrary loans

3. Sending interlibrary loan requests to the National Library of Canada
3.1 Means of transmission
3.2 Preparing a request
3.2.1 Bibliographic information
3.2.2 Library symbols
3.2.3 Loan or locations?
3.2.4 Control numbers
3.2.5 Edition
3.2.6 Source of reference
3.2.7 Source of verification
3.2.8 Special delivery instructions
3.2.9 Levels of service
3.2.10 ILL request information for monographs
3.2.11 ILL request information for serials
3.2.12 Following up a previous request
3.2.13 Replies from the National Library

4. Document Delivery
4.1 Purolator, Canada Post, etc.
4.2 Mail
4.3 Library rate
4.4 Fax
4.6 Courier services
4.7 LDS
4.8 IUTS
4.10 SOLS

5. Returning borrowed items to the National Library

A free printed version of this guide Interlibrary Loan Services can be ordered from:

Marketing and Publishing
National Library of Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON   K1A 0N4