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Through A Lens
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The Canadian Army Newsreels were ten minute films, comprised of a number of different stories and produced by the Canadian Film and Photo Unit. Dubbed with the phrase, "of the troops, by the troops and for the troops," these newsreels were distributed within the Canadian Army. ...more

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Canadian Army Newsreel No. 1 (Story 6) - Dieppe Heroes are Honoured.

Canadians who fought at Dieppe receive honours at Buckingham Palace. ArchiviaNet



Canadian Army Newsreel No. 15 (Story 2) - The King Presents Colours to Dieppe Veterans

King George and Queen Elizabeth, along with High Commissioner Vincent Massey, visit the Royal Regiment of Canada and the South Saskatchewan Regiment. ArchiviaNet



Canadian Army Newsreel No. 20 (Story 3) - Farewell and Hail!
(Segment 1 of 2)

The return of young veterans from Dieppe is recounted in a unique first person style narration. ArchiviaNet

(Segment 2 of 2)


Canadian Army Newsreel No. 21 (Story 5) - Canadians Awarded Croix de Guerre.

A parade for the veterans of Dieppe. ArchiviaNet


Canadian Army Newsreel No. 42 (Story 6) - Dieppe.

Canadian soldiers parade through Dieppe in 1944. ArchiviaNet

Canadian Army Newsreel No. 85 (Story 5) - Dieppe Anniversary.

The third anniversary of the raid on Dieppe is commemorated at the Dieppe Cemetery. ArchiviaNet