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Philatelic Bibliography
Online Help

List itemSearch Screen
List itemCumulative Indexes
List itemClassification
List itemHow to Interpret the Results
List itemHow to Consult a Publication

Search screen

The search screen allows researchers to search the database using one of three fields:

A search by keywords allows users to search all fields within the database.

For example:
Type Admiral for hits to this name, including hits pertaining to a stamp series nicknamed Admiral (1911-1925).

A search by author allows users to find publications (articles or monographs) by a particular author.

A search by subject allows users to find publications (articles, monographs or auction catalogues) on a particular subject.

Search Tips
Enter the terms that best describe the document in the appropriate field. It can be a work’s title, a subject, the author’s name, a place name, etc. 

Unless you are looking for a specific document, conduct your search using limited terms.

Cumulative Indexes

The screen allows users to search the database using one of the following three indexes:

A standardized cumulative index of all authors in the database. The index is alphabetized by surname.

For example:
Select the letter A for a list of all authors with a surname or a pseudonym beginning with the letter A.

English subjects
A cumulative index of all English subjects in the database. The index is in alphabetical order.

French subjects
A cumulative index of all French subjects in the database. The index is in alphabetical order.


The classification reproduces the table of contents of the original three-volume publication, Canadian philately: bibliography and index by Cimon Morin.

Click on a chapter to access all the sections in this chapter.

Then click on any section for a list of all related publications.

How to Interpret the Results

The search results will be posted as a results summary list (or hit list) from which you will be able to obtain more detailed descriptions.

Results Summary List

The results summary list, sorted by columns, contains information that will allow users to assess whether or not the documents that were found are relevant. Each page of the list provides 20 references (this default value can be changed). Users can download the results to their own personal computer.

The Author column displays the name of the author(s) of a publication.

The Title column displays the title of a publication. For articles, its title is displayed. This column is linked to detailed descriptions (see below). Click on a name for a detailed description.

The Year column displays the year of publication.

Detailed Description

From the results summary list, you may consult one detailed description at a time.

The detailed description includes all or some of the sections described below.

Name(s) of the author(s) of a publication.

Title of a publication (monograph, brochure, specialized or auction catalogue) or an article.

Title of a publication (periodical, exhibition catalogue or general work) in which an article is published.

Additional bibliographical information (volume, issue, date of publication and pages) on the articles.

Additional bibliographical information (place of publication, publisher, year of publication, number of pages and notes) on the monographs. This also includes information on series of articles.

Click on a subject for a list of publications on this subject.Classification:Click on a classification code for a list of related publications.

Click on an author for a list of publications by this author.

Bibliographic reference to Canadian philately: bibliography and index by Cimon Morin, including the original reference number.

Reference number of the detailed description in the database.

How to Consult a Publication

Most of the publications in this database can also be found in the Philatelic Library. As well, the Periodical Collection provides a current inventory of the Philatelic Library’s extensive periodical holdings.

Interlibrary Loans

With the exception of rare serials and recent issues of periodicals, the Philatelic Library’s holdings are accessible through interlibrary loan. Borrowing libraries are asked to submit their requests by mail, fax (613-943-8491) or e-mail.