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Facilities and Regulations

Regulations Governing the Use of Research Materials and Facilities

  1. Researchers are asked to leave all personal belongings in the ground-floor cloakroom or lockers (e.g., outerwear, umbrellas, food, beverages, briefcases, dictaphones, etc.) and any other items that could damage collection material or the facilities.

  2. As part of the Self-Serve Digital Copying Service, researchers can bring their digital and non-digital cameras into the reference and consultation rooms but must return them to the ground-floor lockers at 4:30 p.m. The service is offered Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Researchers who wish to make copies must speak with a staff member first for authorization and instruction. Note that it is forbidden to photograph anyone or anything on the premises of Library and Archives Canada.

    For preservation reasons, it is also forbidden for researchers to copy archival documents (contained in cardboard boxes) at the self-serve photocopier station.

  3. Researchers are allowed to bring one bag no larger than 25 cm x 25 cm x 30 cm, a laptop computer and research material into the reference and consultation rooms. Plastic bags for carrying these items can be obtained at the commissionaires' desk. The contents of all bags and other material brought into the reference and consultation rooms will be checked by the commissionaires.

  4. As a safety measure, when an alarm bell rings, researchers must evacuate the building immediately, using the stairs, not the elevators. Once outside, they should gather at one of the assembly points to the east or west side of the building. At all times during the evacuation, researchers must follow the instructions of personnel or the Building Emergency Organization staff. Researchers who require assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation should alert the commissionaires to the fact each time they enter the building.

  5. The dining room of the cafeteria, located on the 5th floor and open from 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., is the only area designated for the consumption of food and beverages. Smoking is prohibited in the building. Use of a cellular phone is not allowed in the reference and consultation rooms unless it is for accessing the Internet Wireless Access Service.

  6. Collection material must be viewed in the consultation rooms unless otherwise authorized by a staff member. Some material may be stored in specially designed lockers. Under no other circumstances is material to be removed from the consultation rooms.

  7. Researchers are responsible for the documents and must handle them with care and attention. The use of pens and markers is not permitted in the consultation rooms. White cotton gloves are provided and must be worn during consultation of rare and fragile items, microforms and certain documents from special collections. Researchers will be held accountable for any damage incurred (e.g., marking or defacing of items, bending of pages) or loss of material signed out in their name.

  8. Library and Archives Canada reserves the right to impose limits on the amount of material that can be signed out by a researcher at any one time.

  9. Researchers are not allowed access to the stack areas or to staff offices unless they have made special arrangements and are accompanied by a staff member. Researcher user cards must be clearly displayed at all times.

  10. Researchers must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and refrain from any behaviour likely to cause inconvenience or annoyance to other researchers and staff. Loud, threatening, disrespectful or abusive language or behaviour will not be tolerated.

  11. Researchers who use the Internet service are not permitted to contribute to or alter existing information online; to play computer games or download software; or to send, receive, or display text or graphics that are illegal or perceived as obscene or offensive. Failure to use this service in a responsible manner may result in termination of the Internet access privilege (Acceptable Use Policy, Library and Archives Canada).

The use of Library and Archives Canada materials and facilities is a privilege. By signing their user card, all researchers agree to abide by the regulations outlined above. We reserve the right to cancel the borrowing or on-site user privileges of any person who contravenes these regulations.