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Section title: Introduction
Headline reading LADIES AT PLAY


The Busy Bees, a hockey team composed of the lady supporters of the Cliffsides, defeated the lady representatives of the Civil Service by 3 goals to 0 in a whirlwind match at the Arena last evening. The ladies played great hockey and the match was witnessed by a large crowd of fans, the game proving one of the best drawing cards of the season.

Lady hockey players in Ottawa are not as numerous as in other cities but that the Capital has many skilful puck-chasers was certainly demonstrated in yesterday's struggle. All body checking was eliminated, but the ladies put up a strenuous article of hockey, nevertheless, cheered on by their friends and supporters.

Such famous stick-handlers as Alf. Smith, Tom Phillips, Harry Westwick, Fred Taylor, Percy Lesueur, Marty Walsh and Bouse Hutton gazed fascinated as the rival septets battled back and forth and the good work of the opposing players frequently brought some of the Ottawas to their feet, coaching enthusiastically. Tom Phillips pronounced it the best exhibition he had ever seen ladies give and Marty Walsh wanted to wager his chances of having his name engraved on the Stanley Cup next week that the Busy Bees, with their eyes blindfolded, could easily outclass the ladies team at Smith's Falls, which Percy Lesueur has the honor to coach.

The Busy Bees had the better of the play, although the Departmental Athletes put up a stubborn fight for the laurels. The Busy Bees, however, lived up to their names and their work frequently excited prolonged applause. Undoubtedly, the star of the game was Miss Pyra Baldwin on the Busy Bees forward line. Miss Baldwin proved herself a speedy, graceful skater, a neat stickhandler and her checking was a feature. Miss Baldwin scored all three of the winning side's goals, some of her rushes putting Fred Taylor's work in the shade. She was ably assisted by Miss K. Baldwin and the other members of the victorious septet.

All the Civil Servants distinguished themselves, but Miss Living was particularly conspicuous, making a number of pretty stops. The Civil Servants are after a return game and promise to reverse the tables.

Percy Lesueur was to have refereed, but each team filed a declaration of amateurism before the match and decided not to endanger their amateur standing by having a professional officiate. Consequently, the Ottawa goalkeeper viewed the game from the gods and Harry Bronson handled the whistle. His task was an easy one, one light penalty being imposed. Miss Rose Alexander drew the only visit to the [illegible], going off for what Referee Bronson considered an unfair check.

The teams were as follows:

Busy Bees -- Miss H. Burn, Miss W. Rowan, Miss D. Higman, Miss K. Baldwin, Miss K. Dewar, Miss P. Baldwin and Miss B. Gardner.

Civil Servants -- Miss H. Beith, Miss R. Living, Miss R. Alexander, Miss N. Lefurgy, Miss Potter, Miss J. Lang, Miss A. Chilton.

Referee -- Harry Bronson.


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