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Popular Songs, 1917

Listen to the RealAudio file All the World Will Be Jealous of Me(Ernest R. Ball, music; Al Dubin, lyrics)Link to copyright/source information
  America, Here's My Boy
  American Patrol (F.W. Meacham)
  Any Time's Kissing Time (from Chu Chin Chow) (F. Norton)
  Arizona (Melville Gideon)
  Baby (You're the Sweetest Baby I Know) (Nat D. Ayer)
  Beale Street Blues (W.C. Handy)
  The Bells of St. Mary's (A. Emmett Adams, music; Douglas Furber, lyrics)
  Bring Back My Daddy to Me (George W. Meyer, music; William Tracey, Howard Johnson, lyrics)
  Darktown Strutter's Ball (Shelton Brooks)
Listen to the RealAudio file Deep River (spiritual, arr. H.T. Burleigh)Link to copyright/source information
  Dixieland Jazz Band One-Step
  Down Honolulu Way (Burnett & Burke)
  Everybody's Gone Crazy 'Bout the Doggone Blues (Turner Layton, music; Henry Creamer, lyrics)
  For Me and My Gal (George W. Meyer, music; Edgar Leslie, E. Ray Goetz, lyrics)
  Give a Man a Horse He Can Ride (Geoffrey O'Hara, music; James Thomson, lyrics)

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  Columbia advertisement for recordings by French singers La Presse, February 3, 1917, p. 11

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  Goodbye Broadway, Hello France (Billy Baskette, music; C. Francis Reisner, Benny Davis, lyrics)
  Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here (William Gilbert, Arthur Sullivan; adapted by Theodora and Theodore F. Morse)
  Hawaiian Butterfly (Joseph Santly, Billy Baskette, music; George A. Little, lyrics)
Listen to the RealAudio file Hindustan (Oliver G. Wallace, Harold Weeks)Link to copyright/source information
  I May Be Gone for A Long, Long Time (Albert Von Tilzer, music; Lew Brown, lyrics)
Listen to the RealAudio file I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (from Oh Look!) (Harry Carroll, music; Joseph McCarthy, lyrics)Link to copyright/source information
Listen to the RealAudio file Indiana (James F. Hanley, music; Ballard Macdonald, lyrics)Link to copyright/source information
  It's a Mighty Good World After All (Geoffrey O'Hara, music; Robert Service, lyrics)
  Johnson Rag (Guy Hall, Henry Kleinkauf)
  Jump Jim Crow (Sigmund Romberg, music; Rida Johnson Young, lyrics)
  Just My Love (from Three Cheers) (H. Darewski)
  Leave It to Jane (Jerome Kern, music; P.G. Wodehouse, lyrics)
  Lily of the Valley (Anatole Friedland, music; L. Wolfe Gilbert, lyrics)
  Livery Stable Blues (Original Dixieland Jazz Band)
  Lorraine, My Beautiful Alsace Lorraine (Fred Fisher, music; Alfred Bryan, lyrics)
  MacNamara's Band (Shamus O'Conner, music; John J. Stamford, lyrics)
  Mademoiselle from Armentières (Hinky Dinky Parlay Voo) (trad.; Lieutenant Gitz Rice, lyrics)

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Hawaiian guitar music and songs about Hawaii were popular. This advertisement lists recordings by Ben Hokea, a Hawaiian guitarist who lived and recorded in Canada; La Presse, January 2, 1920, p. 2  

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  Advertisement for recordings of popular Irish songs, in honour of St. Patrick's Day, Toronto Daily Star, March 13, 1918, p. 13

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  Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! (Abe Olman, music; Ed Rose, lyrics)
Listen to the RealAudio file Over There (George M. Cohan)Link to copyright/source information
  Sailin' Away on the Henry Clay (Egbert Van Alstyne, music; Gus Kahn, lyrics)
  Send Me a Curl (Geoffrey O'Hara)
  Send Me Away with a Smile (Al Piantadosi, music; Louis Weslyn, lyrics)
  The Siren's Song (Jerome Kern, music; P. G. Wodehouse, lyrics)
Listen to the RealAudio file Smiles (Lee S. Robert, music; J. Will Callahan, lyrics)Link to copyright/source information
  Some Sort of Somebody (from Vanity Fair) (Jerome Kern)
  Someone Else May be There (While I'm Gone)
  Sweet Little Buttercup (Herman Paley, music; Alfred Bryan, lyrics)
  There's a Little Bit of Bad in Every Good Little Girl (from Three Cheers) (Fred Fisher, music; Grant Clarke, lyrics)
  There's a Long, Long Trail (Zo Elliott, music; Stoddard King, lyrics)
  They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me (Fred Fisher, music; Joseph McCarthy, lyrics)
  Till the Clouds Roll By (Jerome Kern, music; P.G. Wodehouse, lyrics)
Listen to the RealAudio file Wait Till the Cows Come Home (from Jack O'Lantern) (Ivan Caryll, music; Anne Caldwell, lyrics)Link to copyright/source information
  When Shall I Again See Ireland? (Victor Herbert, music; Henry Blossom, lyrics)
  Where the Morning Glories Grow (Richard Whiting, music; Gus Kahn, Raymond B. Egan, lyrics)
  Will You Remember? (from Maytime) (Sigmund Romberg, music; Rida Johnson Young, lyrics)

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Popular Songs, 1914-1918

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