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  87 Record(s) Found
Term(s) Searched: Name keyword "Jones," AND "Ada," AND "1873-1922"
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1 McCarthy, Joseph, 1885-1943. I'm crying just for you [sound recording] / McCarthy ; Monaco. -- Montreal: Victor Record, 1914: Berliner Gram-O-Phone Co.; 17562
2 Friedman. I wonder why [sound recording] / Friedman. -- New York: Columbia Record, 1914: Columbia Graphophone Company; A1576
3 Will he answer goo goo? [sound recording] . -- Montréal, 1908: Berliner Gram-O-Phone Co. of Canada; 5387
4 When we are M-A-R-R-I-E-D [sound recording] / [George M.] Cohan. -- Montréal: Victor: Berliner Gram-O-Phone Co. of Canada; 5625
5 Kerker, Gustave, 1857-1923. It's nice to have a sweetheart [sound recording] / Gustave A. Kerker, music. -- Montréal: Improved Berliner Gram-o-phone, 1907; 5137
6 Cooper, Joe. Oh, what a beautiful dream [sound recording] / Joe Cooper, music ; [Dave Oppenheim, lyrics]. -- New York : Columbia, 1913 : Columbia Phonograph Company; A1278ºbColumbia
7 Armstrong, Henry W., 1879-1951. Lingering love [sound recording] / Harry Armstrong, music ; [David Reed, lyrics]. -- New York : Columbia, 1912 : Columbia Phonograph Company; A1129ºbColumbia
8 Furth, Seymour. It's nice to be nice, to a nice little girl like you [sound recording] / Seymour Furth. -- New York : Columbia, [1911] : Columbia Phonograph Company; A1032
9 Scott, Maurice, 1878-1933. I've got rings on my fingers, or, Mumbo jumbo jijibbo J. O'Shea [sound recording] / Scott, music ; [Barnes, lyrics] ; [Weston, lyrics]. -- New York : Columbia, 1909 : Columbia Phonograph Company; A741ºbColumbia
10 Spencer, Len, 1867-1914. Mr. and Mrs. Murphy [sound recording] / [Spencer]. -- Montreal: Concert Record, 1905: Berliner Gram-O-Phone Co. of Canada; 6191