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Government of Canada
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The programs and services listed in this section are organized by keywords. For example, the "Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms" would appear both under H "Human Rights" and L "Legislation."

Please select a letter from the alphabet links below to go to keywords beginning with that letter, or look through the full list of keywords below.

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Complete list of keywords


  1. Aboriginal Peoples

  2. Access to Information see also Privacy

  3. Acts see Legislation

  4. Addiction see Drugs, Health

  5. Adolescents see also Children, Young Adults

  6. Adoption

  7. Aging see Health, Seniors

  8. Agriculture

  9. AIDS see Diseases

  10. Airplanes see Air Safety

  11. Airports see Air Safety

  12. Air Safety

  13. Animals see Endangered Species

  14. Annuities see Pensions

  15. Archives see History, Research

  16. Arctic Regions see North

  17. Armed Forces see also Veterans

  18. Arts see also Culture

  19. Astronauts see Space Sciences

  20. Astronomy see Space Sciences

  21. Atlases see Maps

  22. Automobiles see also Safety, Transport


  1. Bank Notes see Currency

  2. Bankruptcy see also Financial Institutions

  3. Banks see Financial Institutions

  4. Benefits see also Financial Assistance

  5. Bilingualism see Languages

  6. Bills see Legislation

  7. Biotechnology see also Sciences, Technology

  8. Birth see Infants

  9. Bonds

  10. Border Crossing see also Customs and Excise, Travel

  11. Borders see Border Crossing

  12. Borrowing see Financial Assistance, Financial Institutions

  13. Broadcasting see Television

  14. Budgets see also Financial Assistance

  15. Bullying

  16. Bursaries see Education

  17. Businesses see also Economy


  1. Cable Television see Television

  2. Canada - United States Relations see Foreign Affairs

  3. Cars see Automobiles

  4. Census see Statistics

  5. Charitable Organizations see Non profit Organizations

  6. Charter of Rights and Freedoms see Human Rights

  7. Child Care see also Children

  8. Childbirth see Infants

  9. Children see also Adolescents, Child Care, Education, Family, Infants

  10. Cigarettes see Smoking

  11. Cities see Urban Communities

  12. Citizenship

  13. Citizen Participation

  14. Climate Change see also Weather, Environment

  15. Coins see Currency

  16. Colleges see Education

  17. Commerce see Businesses, International Trade

  18. Commissions of Inquiry

  19. Complaints

  20. Computers see also Internet, Technology

  21. Constituencies see Elections

  22. Constitution see also Legislation

  23. Consulates see Foreign Service, International Trade, Visas

  24. Consultation see Citizen Participation

  25. Consumer Protection see Consumers

  26. Consumers

  27. Contracts see Businesses

  28. Copyrights see Intellectual Property, Trademarks

  29. Corporations see Businesses

  30. Correctional Institutions see Crime, Justice System

  31. Courts see Justice System

  32. Crime see also Correctional Institutions, Justice System

  33. Criminal Rights see Correctional Institutions, Crime

  34. Crown (the) see Governor General, Government Information

  35. Culture see also Arts

  36. Currency

  37. Customs and Excise see also Border Crossing, Businesses


  1. Death

  2. Defence Policy see Armed Forces

  3. Development Aid see also Foreign Affairs

  4. Diabetes see Diseases

  5. Diplomacy see Foreign Service

  6. Diplomatic Mission see Foreign Service

  7. Disabilities see Persons With Disabilities

  8. Diseases see Drugs, Health, Health Care

  9. Dollar see Currency

  10. Domestic Violence

  11. Drinking Water see Safety, Transport, Water

  12. Drug Addiction see also Drug Use, Drugs

  13. Drugs see also Diseases, Drug Use, Health

  14. Drug Use see also Drugs


  1. Ecology see Environment

  2. Economy see also Budgets, Businesses

  3. Education see also Financial Assistance, Visas

  4. Elderly Persons see Seniors

  5. Elections

  6. Electricity see Energy

  7. Embassies see Foreign Service, International Trade, Visas

  8. Emergencies and Disasters

  9. Emergency Preparedness see Safety, Emergencies and Disasters

  10. Employment see also Employment Insurance

  11. Employment Insurance

  12. Endangered Species

  13. Energy

  14. English see Languages

  15. Entrepreneurship see Businesses, Industry

  16. Environment see also Climate Change, Endangered Species, Sustainable Development

  17. Exports see Businesses, International Trade


  1. Family see also Adolescents, Children, Infants, Young Adults

  2. Farming see Agriculture

  3. Festivals see Culture

  4. Film Industry see also Arts

  5. Finances see Budgets, Taxes

  6. Financial Assistance see also Benefits

  7. Financial Institutions see also Consumers

  8. Firearms

  9. First Nations see Aboriginal Peoples

  10. Fisheries

  11. Flag see History

  12. Folklore see Heritage

  13. Food see also Agriculture

  14. Foreign Affairs see also Development Aid, International Trade

  15. Foreign Service

  16. Foreign Trade see International Trade

  17. Forests see also Environment

  18. Forms

  19. Frauds and Scams

  20. Free Trade see Industry, International Trade

  21. French see Languages

  22. Fuels see Energy


  1. Gas see Energy

  2. Genealogy see Family

  3. Geography see Maps

  4. Global Warming see Climate Change, Environment

  5. GM Foods see Food

  6. Goods and Services Tax see Taxes

  7. Government Information see also Access to Information

  8. Government Publications see Government Information, Publishing

  9. Governor General

  10. GST see Taxes

  11. Guns see Firearms


  1. Handicapped Persons see Persons With Disabilities

  2. Health see also Diseases, Drugs, Food, Health Care

  3. Health Care see also Drugs, Health

  4. Heating see Energy, Housing

  5. Hepatitis see Diseases

  6. Heritage see also Culture, History

  7. Highways see Automobiles, Transport

  8. Historic Sites see History

  9. History see also Heritage

  10. HIV see Diseases

  11. Holiday Safety

  12. Homelessness see Financial Assistance, Housing

  13. Honours

  14. House of Commons see Parliament

  15. Housing

  16. Human Rights


  1. Identification

  2. Immigration see also Foreign Affairs, Visas

  3. Impairment see Persons With Disabilities

  4. Imports see Businesses, International Trade

  5. Income Tax see Taxes

  6. Indian Lands see Aboriginal Peoples

  7. Indians see Aboriginal Peoples

  8. Indian Status see Aboriginal Peoples

  9. Industry see also Businesses, Statistics

  10. Infants see also Identification

  11. Influenza see also Diseases, Health, Safety

  12. Infrastructure

  13. Insolvency see Bankruptcy

  14. Intellectual Property see also Trademarks

  15. International Affairs see Foreign Affairs, International Trade

  16. International Organizations see Foreign Affairs, Non-governmental Organizations NGO

  17. International Trade see also Businesses

  18. International Travel see Travel

  19. Internet see also Computers, Technology

  20. Inuit see Aboriginal Peoples

  21. Isolated Region see Rural Communities


  1. Jails see Correctional Institutions

  2. Jobs see Employment

  3. Justice System see also Crime, Legislation


  1. Labelling see Food

  2. Labour see also Businesses, Employment, Employment Insurance

  3. Landed Immigrants see Immigration

  4. Languages

  5. Laws see Legislation

  6. Legal System see Justice System

  7. Legislation see also Justice System

  8. Libraries see Publishing, Research

  9. Loans see Financial Assistance


  1. Mail see Postal Services

  2. Manpower Centres see Employment

  3. Maps

  4. Markets see Industry, International Trade

  5. Marriage see also Family

  6. Maternity Benefits see also Employment Insurance, Family, Infants

  7. Maternity Leave see Maternity Benefits

  8. Medical Care see Health Care

  9. Members of Parliament (MP) see also Elections, Parliament

  10. Metis see Aboriginal Peoples

  11. Military see Armed Forces, Veterans

  12. Military Installations see Armed Forces

  13. Milk see Agriculture, Food

  14. Ministers see Members of Parliament, Parliament

  15. Money see Currency

  16. Motor Vehicles see Automobiles

  17. Museums see Arts

  18. Music see Arts


  1. National Anthem see History

  2. National Parks see also Heritage

  3. Native Peoples see Aboriginal Peoples

  4. Natural Resources see also Environment, Maps, Sciences

  5. Newborns see Infants

  6. News see Press Releases

  7. Non-governmental Organizations NGO

  8. Non Profit Organizations see also Volunteer Work

  9. Non Status Indians see Aboriginal Peoples

  10. North

  11. Nuclear Energy see Energy

  12. Nutrition see Food, Health


  1. Occupations see Employment

  2. Old Age Security see Pensions, Seniors

  3. Older Adults see Seniors

  4. Olympic Games see Sports


  1. Parenting see Family

  2. Parliament see also Legislation, Tourism

  3. Participation  see Citizen Participation

  4. Passports see also Travel

  5. Patents see Intellectual Property, Trademarks

  6. Peacekeeping see Armed Forces

  7. Penitentiaries see Correctional Institutions

  8. Pensions see also Veterans

  9. Performing Arts see Arts

  10. Personal Information see Privacy

  11. Persons With Disabilities see also Pensions

  12. Petroleum see Energy

  13. Police see Correctional Institutions, Crime

  14. Pollution see Environment, Health

  15. Postal Services

  16. Post Offices see Postal Services

  17. Postsecondary Education see Education

  18. Prescription Drugs see Drugs

  19. Press Releases

  20. Prisons see Correctional Institutions

  21. Privacy see also Access to Information

  22. Produce see Food

  23. Provinces and Territories

  24. Public Hearings see Citizen Participation

  25. Public Safety

  26. Publishing


  1. Queen (the) see Governor General, Government Information


  1. Receivership see Bankruptcy

  2. Registered Charities see Non Profit Organizations

  3. Regulations see Justice System, Legislation

  4. Reports

  5. Research see also Financial Assistance, Technology

  6. Retirement see Pensions, Seniors

  7. Ridings see Elections

  8. Roads see Automobiles, Safety

  9. Rural Communities


  1. Safety see also Air Safety, Terrorism

  2. Salaries see Labour

  3. Scholarships see Education

  4. Schools see Education

  5. Sciences see also Research, Technology

  6. Security

  7. Senate see Parliament

  8. Seniors see also Pensions, Veterans

  9. Smoking see also Drug Use, Health

  10. Social Insurance Number

  11. Space Sciences

  12. Sports

  13. Statistics

  14. Students see Education, Financial Assistance

  15. Student Loans see Education, Financial Assistance

  16. Sustainable Development  see also  Environment


  1. Taxes

  2. Technology see also Research, Sciences

  3. Telephones

  4. Television

  5. Terrorism see also Safety

  6. Theatre see Arts

  7. Tobacco see also Drug Use, Health, Smoking

  8. Tourism

  9. Trademarks see also Intellectual Property

  10. Training see Education, Employment Insurance

  11. Transport

  12. Travel

  13. Trees see Forests


  1. Unemployment see Employment, Employment Insurance

  2. United States - Canada Relations see Foreign Affairs

  3. Universities see Education

  4. Urban Communities


  1. Veteran Pensions see Veterans

  2. Veterans see also Armed Forces

  3. Visas see also Education, Travel

  4. Visual Arts see Arts

  5. Voluntary Organizations see Non Profit Organizations

  6. Volunteer Work see also Non Profit Organizations

  7. Voting see Elections


  1. War see Armed Forces

  2. War Veterans see Veterans

  3. Water see also Environment, Safety

  4. Water Transport see Transport, Water

  5. Weather

  6. Web Sites see Internet

  7. Work see Employment, Labour

  8. World Trade see International Trade

  9. World Wide Web see Internet


  1. Young Adults see also Adolescents

  2. Youths see Adolescents, Young Adults