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About fillable forms

Instructions for certain PDF fillable forms:
NR4, T4, T4A, T4A-NR, T4RSP, T4RIF and T5.

Help with fillable forms

As with all CRA forms, you are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of all data provided on fillable forms.

Our help file offers information on:

Software for using fillable forms

To view and use fillable forms or to download blank forms for future use, you need:

To save a completed form that contains your own data, you must purchase additional software (see Saving fillable forms below).

Completing fillable forms

Along with the information provided here, you can consult the Adobe Acrobat Reader's online guides (under "Help" in the Reader's menu).

Moving within a form

  • Enter the appropriate data in each box or "field."
  • To move from one field to the next, hit "Tab."
    • This helps ensure that you don't accidentally skip over any fields.
  • You can also use your cursor to move from field to field.
    • Place your cursor in the field you want to fill in, then left-click.

Changing your data

  • To replace data you've already entered in a field, place your cursor within the field and then left-click.
    • This "selects" the existing data, which you can then adjust or replace.
  • To clear the data from all fields and start over, click on the "Restore" button located near the top of the form.

Multi-part forms

  • Some forms contain several parts or copies -- such as both an information slip and a summary -- that require the same data.
  • When the same information is required in more than one part or copy of a form, you only have to enter the data once.
    • Enter the data in the first part of the form.
    • The system will automatically insert the identical data in any other parts where it's requested

Check-off boxes

  • Some forms contain boxes to be checked off.
    • Place your cursor over the box you want to check off.
    • When your cursor becomes shaped like a hand with its index finger pointing, click your left mouse button.
    • To de-select a box, left-click on it again.

Multi-line fields

  • Some fields -- for instance, the address field on some forms -- have room for more than one line of text.
    • To move to the next line within a field, hit "Enter."
    • When you've finished in the field, hit "Tab" to move to the next field.

Forms that perform calculations

We're gradually adding fillable forms that perform calculations.

These forms perform calculations based on the amounts you enter. For instance, when you enter data in two fields that are to be added together, the form automatically calculates the total and inserts it in the appropriate third field.

You are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of any information submitted on fillable forms that perform calculations. Please double-check all data you enter!

Fields with a limited number of characters

  • Some fields limit the maximum number of characters you can enter.
  • For instance, a maximum of nine characters can be entered in the field asking for a social insurance number (do not enter dashes or spaces).

Specific fields

  • Dates: Unless otherwise specified on an individual form, all dates must be entered in the format yyyy/mm/dd (for example, "2000/02/03" means February 3, 2000).
  • Dollar amounts: You must manually enter the decimal point in dollar amounts that include cents.
    • If you don't manually enter a decimal point, the system will automatically insert one after the final digit you entered.
  • Phone numbers: Along with the standard area code and phone number, you can enter your extension if you have one.
    • For instance, there is room for you to type in 888-888-8888, ext. 8888.
  • Signatures: A fillable form that requires a signature must be signed by hand after you've completed and printed it.
    • The system won't let you enter any electronic data in the signature field.

Special links

  • When using a fillable form, you can click on these buttons:
    • Help button: Click on "Help" to access the help file you're reading right now.
    • Publications: Some forms include a link to a corresponding publication (guides, forms, etc.). This type of link is indicated by a blue box surrounding the publication's name :
      • Place your cursor anywhere in the area of the blue box.
      • When your cursor becomes shaped like a hand with its index finger pointing, click your left mouse button.
    • Instructions button: This link takes you to instructions specific to that form (for example, the instructions on the back of a printed form).
      • NOTE: Whether printed or electronic, not all CRA forms include these extra instructions.
    • Light bulbs: Some fields contain a light bulb icon (for instance, see Form T3F, Investments Prescribed to be Qualified or not to be Foreign Property Information Return):
      • Just click on the light bulb with your left mouse button to view a special message or instructions.
    • Restore button: Click on "Restore" to erase all data you've entered on a fillable form and start over.

Additional instructions for PDF fillable forms

NR4 and T4
Complete page 1 for two different recipients to print the copy that you must send to the CRA. Do not separate the slips when you send them with your Summary. Use pages 2 and 3 to print the two copies you are giving to the recipients and page 4 to print the copies you are keeping for your records.

T4RSP, T4RIF, T4A, T4A-NR and T5
Complete page 1 for three different recipients to print the copy that you must send to the CRA. Do not separate the slips when you send them with your Summary. Use pages 2, 3, and 4 to print the two copies you are giving to the recipients and the one you are keeping for your records.

Printing forms that you've filled out

  • Before printing, check the form's page size: some of them should be printed on legal-size paper (8.5" x 14").
    • The Adobe Reader indicates the page size -- along with the number of pages -- in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.
  • Once you've completed a form on-screen and verified its page size, select "File" and then "Print" in the Reader's toolbar.
    • This brings you to the print dialog box.
    • To change the paper size, click on "Setup" in the print dialog box.

Submitting forms that you've filled out

  • After you've entered and verified the data on your fillable form, print it.
  • Manually sign the form (if applicable).
  • Before submitting your printed form, either make a photocopy or save an electronic copy on your own computer (see Saving fillable forms below) for your records.
  • Individual forms include instructions about where to send the completed paper copy.

Saving fillable forms

Downloading blank forms

Using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 6.0 or higher, you can download a blank fillable form for future use:

  • Right-click on the hyperlinked file name and then select "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (Netscape).
  • Save the document in the directory of your choice, then use your Reader to access it at your convenience.
    • To access the saved form, click on "File" and then "Open" in the Reader's menu.

Saving forms that you've filled out

To save an electronic copy of a completed form that contains your own data, visit the Adobe Web site to purchase Adobe Acrobat Standard, Professional, or 3D (version 6.0 or higher).

Trouble Shooting

If you have tried to access a .pdf form or publication (i.e., the link you clicked had .pdf at the end of it) and it did not open, ensure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If this software is not installed on your computer, read the general information section to find out how to get a free copy.

If you use Adobe Acrobat Reader and you're having problems viewing, printing, or downloading .pdf files, you should modify your Reader preferences:

Acrobat Reader 6.0, 7.X and 8.X
  1. Close your browser
  2. Open Acrobat Reader
  3. Select the "Edit" menu
  4. Select "Preferences"
  5. Select "Internet"
  6. In the "Options" part of this dialog box, make sure "Display PDF in Browser" is not selected.

After you've followed these instructions, when you're using your browser and click on a hyperlink to a .pdf document, it will open in a separate window.


If you've modified your Reader preferences but you're still having problems, you can download the .pdf file onto your own computer by following these download instructions.

Text overflow indicators in fields (+ signs)

In some cases, a text overflow indicator may appear on a form with combs when it is either printed or viewed on screen.

Text overflow indicators in fields (+ signs)

Normally, the plus sign indicates that text is flowing beyond the field boundaries. This is not the case with forms containing comb fields.

To remove the text overflow indicator in Acrobat Reader 6 and above:

  • Choose Edit > Preferences (Windows), or Acrobat > Preferences (MAC OS)
  • Choose Forms from the Categories list
  • Deselect Show Text Field Overflow Indicator