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Canada Revenue Agency
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Electronic payments

Save time, pay online!

More and more people are using electronic options to simplify their everyday tasks. Making your payment electronically is as easy and safe as paying your phone bill online.

The advantages to paying electronically have no comparison.

  • Accurate - You enter the information, eliminating potential errors in processing. You receive an immediate payment confirmation from your financial institution.
  • Control your cash flow - Many financial institutions allow you to post-date your payment.
  • Convenient - Stop waiting in lines and going out in bad weather to make your payment. Enjoy the convenience and privacy by making your payment from your computer or telephone.
  • Cost Effective - You have heard the expression "Time is money". By paying on-line, you may save money since you won't have to pay your employee to stand in line to make a payment. As well, you'll save on parking, gas, stamps and using your business cheques when you make your payment.
  • Record Keeping - Simply view your on-line account or bank statement for your electronic documentation and proof of payment.
  • Secure - We have taken security measures to ensure your privacy. Please see CRA and Internet Security
  • Supporting sustainable development - Paying online is a paperless way of making a payment.

The CRA does not charge or receive a fee to process an electronic payment made through your financial institution. Please note, however, some financial institutions charge a transaction fee to make an electronic payment. The CRA recommends that you discuss your particular banking needs with your financial institution.

For information on the electronic services offered by financial institutions or Third Party Service Providers, please make your selection by business clients or individual taxpayers.