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Date modified 2006-12-18                                                                             Important Notices


GIC Members

Members of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board are appointed by the Governor in Council to adjudicate review and appeal applications which may provide financial compensation to eligible veterans, civilians, Canadian Force and RCMP members as well as their dependants for death and/or disability related to war, peacekeeping or peacetime service. Members are also required to interpret and apply The Pension Act, and other related statutes.  All members are appointed for fixed terms of varying lengths.

Expectations / Challenges of VRAB Members

  • VRAB Members conduct hearings in a fair and expeditious manner and render timely, well-reasoned decisions.

  • Members must be able to travel to hearings across the country which may require them to be away from home for periods of  3 or more weeks at a time.

  • Members must be able to work effectively as part of an adjudicative panel.

  • Members must be flexible in the face of ever-changing demands

  • Members must stay abreast of recent developments in the medical field and administrative law as issues presented to the Board are of an increasingly complex nature.

  • Members, as public office holders, must comply with the Conflict of Interest and Post-employment Code for Public Office Holders
  • Applying to Become a Member

    On 16 December 2004, fundamental reforms to the appointment process for Veterans Review and Appeal Board Members were announced.

    Under the new selection process, which is competency-based, prospective candidates must:

    To apply, interested candidates must:

    1. Complete and print the application form (must be dated and signed).

    2. Provide any additional information believed to be useful. If the space provided is not sufficient, you may supplement it by attaching additional numbered pages.

    3. Send applications (and other material) to the address:

      Screening and Interview Committees
      Veterans Review and Appeal Board
      P.O. Box 534
      161 Grafton Street - 2nd Floor
      Charlottetown, P.E.I.
      C1A 7L1

    4. The Board will conduct up to 4 Selection Processes annually. For administration purposes, the deadlines for the receipt of applications for each cycle will be:

      - December 31
      - March 31
      - June 30
      - September 30

    For security reasons, do not fax or e-mail application forms.

    For more information:

    Telephone: (866) 840-4244
    Email: VRAB-TACRA@vac-acc.gc.ca       

    Click here for frequently asked questions on the selection process.

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