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The Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation collection contains artifacts, trade literature, photographs, and drawings from its three Museums: the Canada Agriculture Museum, the Canada Aviation Museum, and the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

The collection is currently housed in three buildings totalling 15 000 square metres of storage space. At any one time less than ten percent of the collection is on display through our own exhibits or loans to other institutions. Over 700 000 people visit the Corporation’s Museums annually and an estimated 1.2 million people annually view artifacts while they are on loan.

Our collections contain artifacts that record the changes and developments in the various sciences and technologies under the Corporation’s mandate. Because many of the objects were mass produced, our catalogue information emphasizes manufacturer, model, type, serial number, and production date. Many artifacts consist of a single item, such as a hammer from our collection of hand tools, while others have a large number of component parts, such as a satellite from our collection of engineering models. Although the total number of artifacts catalogued on our database is 36 000, there are nearly 75 000 individual pieces. The size and range of these artifacts is astounding—from a 35 000 kg Air Canada DC 9, 39.5 metres long with a wingspan of 28.5 metres, to a thermocouple chip that needs to be magnified ten times to be seen by the naked eye.

For more information on the Corporation’s collections, contact Collection Services Division at

E-mail: collection@technomuses.ca

Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation

Collection Services

P.O. Box 9727, Station T

Ottawa, Ontario  K1G 5A3



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