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Director General's Report for 2005-2006 to the Advisory Board for CISTI, 24 April 2006


As a key element in NRC's support to the Canadian science and innovation system, CISTI continues to succeed in today's challenging environment. This Director General's Report 2005-2006 to the Advisory Board for CISTI reviews the key achievements for this period and illustrates the alignment of CISTI's activities within the five Pillars of the NRC Vision 2006.


CISTI Wins Two Awards for Excellence in Information Management

CISTI's Secure Desktop Delivery (SDD) Project Team received two prestigious federal government awards for its innovative work on a project that significantly improves access to scientific, technical and medical (STM) information for its clients in Canada and around the world.

At an event held on September 14, 2005, the Council of Federal Libraries presented the SDD team with the Agatha Bystram Award for Leadership in Information Management. Named to honour one of the federal library community's most respected leaders, the annual award recognizes excellence and innovation in the management of federal information resources and service to clients.

Partnering with a small company, FileOpen Systems of Red Hook, New York, CISTI's SDD team developed an innovative way to deliver scanned research articles to an end-user's desktop using digital rights management (DRM) technology. Over a two-year period, the team was able to meet the challenge to deliver documents to the desktop, while speeding up access and improving efficiencies using a new Web interface that offers improved document quality. Publishers and rights holders have accepted SDD as an effective system for managing their content.

Joyce Garnett, former president of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, welcomes the benefits that CISTI's SDD service has brought to research libraries across Canada. "CISTI has again made innovative use of technology to bring a new level of service to the Canadian research community." She adds, "Researchers, faculty and students appreciate the ability to receive, view and print full-text articles directly at their desktops."

Public Works and Government Services Canada's Information Management Champions Committee has also recognized CISTI's work on this project. At a ceremony on September 15, Ian Wilson, Librarian and Archivist of Canada, presented the SDD team with the Information Management (IM) Community Recognition Award to honour its excellence in shareable IM practices and leadership.

Outsell Inc.: CISTI Best in Document Delivery

For the second year in a row, the Outsell Inc. survey of enterprise buyers from the corporate, not-for-profit, government, education, and healthcare sectors ranks the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) top overall for document delivery. "The survey measures a number of attributes that drive buyer satisfaction: depth/breadth of coverage, fair pricing, ease of doing business; and whether or not clients would recommend to others."

In its 2006 Product Satisfaction Scorecard, Outsell reports that CISTI tops the list of five information providers. It scored highest in three of five categories: Overall Satisfaction, Would Recommend and Fair Pricing. And while CISTI was slightly edged out of first place in the Depth/Breadth of Coverage and Ease of Doing Business, its ratings in all five categories were higher this year than last - showing its serious commitment to reaching the highest levels of client service and satisfaction.

The complete CISTI Press Release about OUTSELL Inc.'s survey can be viewed at: http://cisti-icist.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/media/press/outsell_e.html


Building Canada's Scientific Infostructure

As Canada's national science library, CISTI has a key role as leader and catalyst in building universal, seamless and permanent access to information for Canadian research and innovation. To help achieve this vision for Canada, CISTI has established a three-year program called Canada's scientific infostructure (Csi). This program will create a national information infrastructure and opportunities for collaborations with partners to support research and educational activities.

Using a leading-edge architectural approach, CISTI has built a reliable technology platform with expandable storage capacity that ensures long-term access to digital content loaded at CISTI. CISTI is partnering with Library and Archives Canada (LAC) to ensure business continuity for the infrastructure. With the infrastructure in place, CISTI has loaded close to 5 million articles from publishers NRC Research Press, Springer and Elsevier. New content from the Institute of Physics, Oxford University Press, the American Society for Microbiology, Mary Ann Liebert and Emerald will be added to increase the depth and breadth of the repository.

As part of the Csi program, CISTI is negotiating with publishers for rights to make content accessible to customers and partners. To ensure that access is as seamless as possible, CISTI is implementing SFX to support bibliographic linking and is investigating best options to support authentication and authorization in a digital environment. CISTI is also conducting research in the areas of text and data mining and text analyses for future implementation.

Federal Science eLibrary

CISTI has recently completed a collaborative pilot project in support of the Federal Science eLibrary, an initiative of the federal science-based departments and NRC-CISTI to provide more digital resources for government scientists. The project extended the reach of the infostructure to three federal government libraries outside of Ottawa and demonstrated the value of the Csi for assuring fast and reliable desktop access to e-journals for federal researchers.

CISTI Goes to University

CISTI and the Université de Montréal (UdeM) are conducting a feasibility assessment on the use of the Canada's scientific infostructure (Csi) as an archive for UdeM licensed e-journals. The Csi provides electronic access to full-text digital content to end-users, regardless of their geographic location or affiliation.

This six-month project is an opportunity for CISTI to identify, understand and resolve issues related to the integration of the Csi in an academic library environment and to demonstrate the value of the Csi to the entire library community. A final report on the project will be submitted in June 2006.

This partnership with the UdeM is important - both as a Csi test case for loading and providing access to content for an external partner organization - and as a model for future Csi partner projects.


CISTI's Role in the Regions

CISTI's reach extends to all regions of Canada through a network of NRC Information Centres (NICs), co-located with regional NRC institutes. The staff in these NICs provide STM and business-related information to NRC researchers, companies located onsite, and external clients in the region. CISTI is a key component of NRC's presence and value across the country in supporting the development of community-based technology clusters.

Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI)

As part of its support to innovation in Canada, CISTI offers CTI products and services. The CTI program began in 2002 in response to a growing demand for more analysed and action-oriented information. The goal of this activity is to provide decision-makers in technology-based small businesses with the best analysis available of technological trends to position them to maximize their results and return on investment in research and development. CISTI's CTI services are targeted toward the NRC's Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) and its small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) clients, as well as the NRC's private-sector partners. Development of CISTI's CTI services has progressed significantly over the past year. Current CTI clients include IRAP industrial technology advisors in the Atlantic and Québec regions, NRC's Centre for Surface Transportation Technology (Ottawa), and National Institute for Nanotechnology (Edmonton), as well as the Biomedical Commercialization Centre (Winnipeg).

Strategic Technical Information Analysis (STIA)

CISTI recently introduced STIA as part of its CTI services. STIA capitalizes on the unique technical and commercial information that can be gathered from patents and specialised S&T and business information databases. It helps decision makers confirm the potential value of R&D projects and develop strategies that will translate public investments in technology into wealth for Canadian companies. CISTI information professionals perform STIA by using cutting edge information search and analysis tools to:

  • screen the patent literature and related scientific, technical and business databases;
  • clean the data to avoid noise and misinterpretation;
  • validate and cross-reference the content;
  • analyse the findings to highlight patterns and trends, and
  • synthesize and present the results in a way that provides a solid basis for taking action.

Based on its sophisticated search and analysis component, STIA ranks as a high value CTI product now available to NRC end-users and their industrial clients and partners through NRC mediated projects and activities.

CTI is a key component of CISTI's strategic plan. Even at this early stage of development, STIA is a flagship product. The service will continue to be developed and the product will constantly be upgraded as new information search and analysis tools enter the market, enabling CISTI to maintain its leadership in the Canadian S&T community. This fee-based service is aimed initially at government research centres.


CISTI's Collection

A New Collection Development Policy

CISTI recently launched a new Collection Development Policy that will guide its collection development over the next five years. CISTI conducts a formal review of its Collection Development Policy every five years to ensure that its collection continues to meet the changing needs of its clients. This new policy defines the framework for developing and managing CISTI's collection to make certain that the collection supports CISTI's mandate, vision, mission, and strategic plan.

As Canada's national science library, CISTI has one of North America's leading collections of scientific, technical and medical (STM) information. This collection policy addresses the long-term needs of Canadians for STM information to support research and innovation.

While CISTI continues to add to its extensive print collection, it is also developing considerable strength in electronic resources. CISTI has developed the technological infrastructure to store digital resources and provide seamless, long-term access to the Canadian research community and clients worldwide. At the same time, CISTI is working with publishers to acquire the rights to provide access to the full-text journal articles stored in its digital repository.

CISTI also has subject-specific collections located in NRC institutes, branches and programs across Canada. These will not undergo major changes in the short term; however, just as the national collection adapts to a changing market and changing client needs, local collections will also evolve.

A partnership-based approach to support the supply, storage and delivery of STM information will play a major role in the development of the CISTI collection. CISTI will continue to establish partnerships with libraries in Canada and around the world to provide its clients with access to resources it does not own but that are important to its mission.

Holdings of Four Far East Partners Added to CISTI Catalogue

CISTI has added more than 10,000 scientific, technical and medical (STM) articles, reports and journals from the holdings of four Far East libraries to its Catalogue. These libraries are the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC), the Korea Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (KISTI), the Science and Technology Policy Research Information Center (STPI) in Taiwan, and SUNMEDIA Co. in Japan. Improved access has meant, for example, an increase of 2133% in orders for Far East titles filled in March 2006 (536) compared to those filled in April 2005 (24).

CISTI clients can now order documents from these collections using its Direct Service delivery - a more convenient and less expensive delivery option. Partnerships with libraries that have compatible and complementary collections are key to ensuring that CISTI's clients have affordable and seamless access to the world's STM literature.

The CISTI Catalogue, which also includes the records for the Canadian Agriculture Library (CAL), allows clients to search, access and easily order documents from a collection of more than 55,000 serial titles, and more than 800,000 books, reports and conference proceedings.

CISTI Source

The number of journal titles covered in CISTI Source has recently jumped from 17,000 to 22,018. A list of journal titles is available at http://source.cisti.nrc.gc.ca/cs/newtitles2005_E.html.

CISTI Launches Alerts Unlimited Service

The new Alerts Unlimited service is fully integrated with CISTI's Document Delivery services, so that end users can set up and manage their own customized alerts. They can create profiles of article topics and/or journal titles in their field of interest - and receive weekly notices for new articles or journals' table of contents that have been added to CISTI Source.

NRC Research Press

As the largest publisher of scientific and technical journals in Canada, the NRC Research Press is an important venue for the publication and dissemination of research results by Canadian and international researchers. The Press' comprehensive program includes peer-reviewed journals, monographs, conference proceedings, and allied publications. A fully electronic publisher, the Press offers publications in both print and electronic format. The Press also leverages its expertise and systems to offer publishing services.

Journals Program

NRC Research Press Adds Sixteenth Journal Title

NRC Research Press signed an agreement with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) to become the publisher of its official journal the Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology. As one of its first acts as publisher and after consultations with CSEP and the broader physiology community, NRC Research Press changed the journal's name to Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism beginning with the first issue of 2006. The scope of the new publication has expanded to include nutrition and metabolism and is now supported by two societies: CSEP and the Canadian Society for Clinical Nutrition.

This bimonthly journal focuses on both basic and applied research articles that examine the relationship between the biological sciences and physical activity, fitness and health. The published research, reviews and symposia will be of interest to exercise physiologists, physical fitness and exercise rehabilitation specialists, health care professionals, as well as other basic and applied physiological scientists, nutritionists and biochemists.

Three Journals Now Published Monthly

To enhance value to readers and increase the speed to publication for authors, NRC Research Press now publishes these journals every month: Canadian Geotechnical Journal, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, and Genome.

Full-text HTML Program Launched

NRC Research Press launched a full-text HTML edition of the September 2005 issue of the Canadian Journal of Botany, followed by HTML editions of the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology and the Canadian Journal of Zoology.

These HTML-format journals signal the beginning of an implementation plan to bring full-text HTML to all NRC journals. Full-text HTML adds many new features and functions to electronic journals, including enhanced search capability and reference linking to external documents.

Journal Achieves Impact Factor Over Three

For the first time in its history, NRC Research Press has a journal with an impact factor over three. Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BCB) has been moving up the ranks in recent years; for 2004 (the most recent data available) its impact factor weighed in at 3.193.

A journal's impact factor, which is calculated yearly by Thomson ISI, is a measure of its readership, citation, and influence. The formula for the factor is a complex one, with the denominator being the number of scientific articles published over a two-year period and the numerator being the number of citations to those articles in the following year. BCB editor James Davie is also highly ranked by Thomson ISI and was recently identified as being in the "top one percent of all biology and biochemistry scientists" cited over the past decade by ISI Essential Science Indicators.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds

The NRC Research Press Web site now offers article updates and synopses through Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, so that its Web content is wholly or partly available to other users or services. Content syndication can help increase traffic to a Web site, thus promoting visibility and awareness; increase search engine rankings; and notify RSS feed subscribers when new content is added.

RSS feeds consist of metadata; that is, information such as a title, author names, and snippets of content. The NRC Research Press feeds consist of metadata from journal articles: author names, the article title, and the first 25 words of the article's French or English abstract. To subscribe to an RSS feed, clients click on the orange XML button on a journal's Table of Contents page. RSS feeds allow readers to be informed in real time when a new article has been loaded to the site. If they are interested in reading more of the article, they simply need to click on the headline to be directed to the article's home page.

Publishing Services

The NRC Research Press' Publishing Services program offers not-for-profit scholarly societies the opportunity to benefit from the infrastructure and expertise at the Press to produce and disseminate their journals electronically. The Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology is the latest journal to subscribe to the Press' publishing services. They are also the first client journal to use OSPRey. With the addition of this new journal, the Press now supports 15 client journals in science and technology.

Monograph Program

The Monograph Program continued to grow in 2005 with nine new publications. It was also the recipient of a prestigious award for a publication. This year a comprehensive program review was completed, and as a result the program will focus publishing activities on what it does best, monographs. Through new agreements, the Monograph Program strengthened its position in the e-book market, creating a solid infrastructure for the future.

The Wildlife Society has selected Blue Grouse: Their Biology and Natural History, an NRC Research Press monograph, as the 2005 recipient of the prestigious Wildlife Publications Award for Outstanding Monograph. The authors, Drs. Fred C. Zwickel and James F. Bendell, were presented with the award on September 26, 2005, at The Wildlife Society's 12th Annual Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. The Wildlife Society's membership is made up of nearly 9,000 wildlife professionals and students from more than 60 countries.


As one of the world's leading STM libraries and Canada's largest scientific publisher, CISTI is building a knowledge network with links to other major STM information institutions around the world. CISTI also plays a growing role in providing access to STM information resources to developing countries to further their research and innovation activities.


Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC) has acquired a CISTI Source multi-site licence. Now, researchers involved in IDRC projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East have searchable access to over 20 million article citations and the tables of content to more than 20,000 journals. IDRC funds and supports researchers from developing countries, fuelling research that benefits their communities. For further information, visit http://source.cisti.nrc.gc.ca or http://web.idrc.ca.

Developing World Access to NRC Research Press Journals

NRC Research Press has partnered with the Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) and Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture (AGORA) to provide free or very low cost online access to our 16 journals to local, not-for-profit institutions in developing countries.

This partnership grants free access to Institutions in countries with per-capita GNP below $1000, and charges only $1000 per year to institutions in countries with per-capita GNP between $1000 and $3000.

Participation in this program reflects Canada's and NRC's longstanding commitment to researchers in developing countries as well as advances the goal of making scientific research more widely available. To date, 11 countries in South America, Africa and Asia have assess to the NRC journals.

Date Published: 2006-07-07
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