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Loansome Doc

Managing Loansome Doc User

You can access a patron file of all of the Loansome Doc users who have registered with you as their primary ordering library. The patron file gives you access to the name and contact information for each user. You do not have access to the user's password. If the user has lost his or her password, you can reset it from the Loansome Doc patron record.

Each Loansome Doc patron record includes two fields which you can change: the affiliated and authorized patron fields.

If you offer service to both affiliated and unaffiliated users and if you distinguish between the two, for example, by charging unaffiliated users but not affiliated ones, then you should uncheck the affiliated patron field for all unaffiliated users. When an affiliated user sends you a Loansome Doc request, the request will indicate that the user is affiliated. If the user is unafiliated, no such message will appear on the request.

If there is a user who has registered with your library who should not be sending you Loansome Doc requests, you can uncheck the authorized patron field for that user. This will prevent that user from sending you Loansome Doc requests.

Remember to save the patron record after changing either of these two fields.

Date Modified: 2004-03-10
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