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National Gallery of Canada - Musée des beaux-arts du Canada
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Senior Management | Curatorial  | Management | Board of Trustees

Director, National Gallery of Canada



Pierre Théberge, O.C., C.Q.
(613) 990-1927






David Baxter
Deputy Director
Administration & Finance
(613) 990-1928


   Mayo Graham
National Outreach &
International Relations
(613) 993-9554

Dr. David Franklin
Deputy Director &
Chief Curator
(613) 990-0493



Martha Hanna
Canadian Museum of
Contemporary Photography
(613) 990-8262

Elaine Lawson
Deputy Director
Corporate Governance
(613) 993-7316

  Lise Labine
Human Resources 
(613) 990-6078



Joanne Charette
Public Affairs
(613) 990-5050



Marie Claire Morin
(613) 991-5965

Karen Colby-Stothart
Exhibitions and Installations
(613) 998-4917







(A) = Acting

Josée Drouin-Brisebois (A)
Contemporary Art
(613) 990-7645


        Charlie Hill
Canadian Art
(613) 990-0486

Dr. David Franklin
Modern Art
(613) 990-0493



Graham Larkin
European and American Art
(613) 990-0598

Dr. David Franklin
Prints and Drawings
(613) 990-0493

  Ann Thomas
(613) 990-1953


(A) = Acting Manager



Delphine Bishop
Chief Information Officer
(613) 990-1959

Megan Richardson (A)
Education and Public Programs
(613) 990-0574


Christine Feniak
Technical Services
(613) 990-4998


Gary Rousseau
Protection Services
(613) 990-6432

Gordon Filewych
Design Services
(613) 990-8908

Marie-Claude Rousseau
(613) 949-4111



Jonathan Franklin
Library and Archives
(613) 990-0590

Christine Sadler (A)
Exhibitions Management
(613) 998-4917


Stephen Gritt
Restoration and Conservation
(613) 990-1941


Céline Scott
Corporate Secretary &
Ministerial Liaison
(613) 990-9232


Nigel Holmes
Information Technology Services
(613) 990-2453


Greg Spurgeon
Collections Management
(613) 990-0482
Paul Leduc
(613) 990-7513

Serge Thériault
(613) 993-6300


JoAnn McGrath
Human Resources
(613) 993-2856



Emily Tolot
Special Events
(613) 993-6300

Mark Paradis
Multimedia Services
(613) 990-1788


Léo Tousignant
Visitor Services
(613) 990-5572

Scott Patterson
Marketing and Communications
(613) 990-3142

Mark Trask
Membership and Sponsorship
(613) 993-9976


Ed Richard
Facilities Planning & Management
(613) 993-9355

Sheila Weeks
(613) 990-1971

Dave Willson
Records Management
(613) 993-4517


Board of Trustees

Mr. Donald R. Sobey
Stellarton (Nova Scotia)

Please send all Board correspondence to:
Board of Trustees Secretariat
380 Sussex Drive
P.O. Box 427
Station A
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1N 9N4
Tel.  (613) 990-9232


Mr. Robert J. Perry
Regina (Saskatchewan)


Mr. Michael J. Audain
Vancouver (British Columbia)
Mr. Paul R. Baay
Calgary (Alberta)
Ms Patricia Bovey
Winnipeg (Manitoba)
Mr. Peter Cathcart
Toronto (Ontario)
Mrs. Mandeep (Roshi) Chadha
Westmount (Québec)
Mr. Fred S. Fountain
Head of St. Margaret's Bay (Nova Scotia)
Ms Francine Girard
Saint-Hyacinthe (Quebec)
Ms Sandra Pitblado
Toronto (Ontario)
Ms Harriet E. Walker
Toronto (Ontario