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For authors

All proposals and completed monographs should be sent to:

Manager, Monograph Publishing Program
NRC Research Press
National Research Council of Canada
1200 Montreal Rd., Bldg M-55, Room 388
Ottawa, ON K1A 0R6

Tel.: 613-993-9088
Fax: 613-952-7656
Email: monographs.cisti@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

Submitting a monograph proposal

Prospective authors or organizers of contributions should communicate with the Manager or Editor of the Monograph Program early in their project so that the Editorial Board can determine the proposal's suitability and timeliness for this program.

To evaluate the proposal, the Editorial Board needs the following items:

  1. A tentative title and table of contents of the book.
  2. Samples of draft chapters.
  3. A brief statement of the need and potential market for the work.
  4. The approximate number of double-spaced manuscript pages and nature of any illustrations, tables, or graphs.
  5. The names, titles, and affiliations of all contributing authors, together with their telephone and fax numbers and email addresses.

We request that samples of draft chapters be included so that the technical level and general style of the work can be assessed. Note that a final decision regarding publication is made by the Editorial Board not at the proposal stage but after receipt of the entire manuscript and after favourable reports from reviewers.

Submitting a completed monograph

The manuscript package should contain the following:

  1. Three copies of the manuscript, together with all illustrations.
  2. An electronic version of the text prepared on IBM-compatible or Macintosh personal computers
  3. Where possible, electronic versions of the illustrations (CorelDraw and Adobe PhotoShop are preferred). Please refer to our list of acceptable software for more information.
  4. Copyright forms assigning copyright or licensing rights to NRC. Copyright forms are available through this website.
  5. If applicable, permission forms completed by the holders of copyright for any previously published material. Permission forms (pdfdoc) are available through this website.
  6. A covering letter from the senior author or organizer:
    • attesting that all authors have read and approved the final submitted manuscript;
    • indicating whether any part of the work has been previously presented in any format (e.g., in a conference proceedings or on an institutes's website);
    • declaring that no part of the manuscript is or will be submitted elsewhere for publication while it is under consideration by the Board; and
    • listing the names of four or five potential peer reviewers.

Whenever a manuscript contains material (tables, figures, charts, etc.) that is protected by copyright, it is the obligation of the corresponding author to secure written permission from the holder of the copyright. In cases where the copyright is held by another publisher, the author(s) should also obtain, as a courtesy, the approval of the original author(s) to use this material. All letters of approval must accompany the manuscript when it is submitted.

Authors are encouraged to read the Publishing Policy of NRC Research Press for information on ethical issues and their responsibilities in the publishing process.