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Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences

Volume 44, Number 6, June 2007
ISSN 1480-3313

  • Centrum growth patterns provide evidence for two small taxa of Hiodontidae in the Cretaceous Dinosaur Park Formation
    Michael G. Newbrey, Mark V.H Wilson and Allan C. Ashworth
    Pages 721-732
    Abstract | Full text (PDF 591 kb) |  Orders and Permissions
  • Climate warming and active layer thaw in the boreal and tundra environments of the Mackenzie Valley
    Ming-ko Woo, Michael Mollinga and Sharon L. Smith
    Pages 733-743
    Abstract | Full text (PDF 456 kb) |  Orders and Permissions
  • Fluid chemistry and evolution of hydrothermal fluids in an Archaean transcrustal fault zone network: the case of the Cadillac Tectonic Zone, Abitibi greenstone belt, Canada
    P.Neumayr, S.G. Hagemann, D.A. Banks, B.WD Yardley, J.-F Couture, G.P. Landis and R.Rye
    Pages 745-773
    Abstract | Full text (PDF 1326 kb) |  Orders and Permissions
  • A new paraclupeid fish (Clupeomorpha, Ellimmichthyiformes) from a muddy marine pro-delta environment: middle Cenomanian Dunvegan Formation, Alberta, Canada
    Michael J. Hay, Stephen L. Cumbaa, Alison M. Murray and A.Guy Plint
    Pages 775-790
    Abstract | Full text (PDF 979 kb) |  Orders and Permissions
  • Limnology, sedimentology, and hydrology of a jƶkulhlaup into a meromictic High Arctic lake
    Ted Lewis, Pierre Francus and Raymond S. Bradley
    Pages 791-806
    Abstract | Full text (PDF 2395 kb) |  Orders and Permissions
  • Sea-level forcing of carbon isotope excursions in epeiric seas: implications for chemostratigraphy
    K.C. Fanton and C.Holmden
    Pages 807-818
    Abstract | Full text (PDF 694 kb) |  Orders and Permissions
  • Alpine glacial geology of the Tablelands, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland
    Gerald Osborn, Ian Spooner, John Gosse and Doug Clark
    Pages 819-834
    Abstract | Full text (PDF 1577 kb) |  Orders and Permissions
  • Barite (BaSO4) biomineralization at Flybye Springs, a cold sulphur spring system in Canada's Northwest Territories
    Sandy M. Bonny and Brian Jones
    Pages 835-856
    Abstract | Full text (PDF 6960 kb) |  Orders and Permissions
  • Luminescence dating of mid- to Late Wisconsinan aeolian sand as a constraint on the last advance of the Laurentide Ice Sheet across the Tuktoyaktuk Coastlands, western Arctic Canada
    Julian B. Murton, Manfred Frechen and Darrel Maddy
    Pages 857-869
    Abstract | Full text (PDF 797 kb) |  Orders and Permissions

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