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Anatomy and Cell Biology Images

By R.L. Peterson, H.B. Massicotte, L.H. Melville, and Forrest Phillips
Mycorrhizas: Anatomy and Cell Biology Images

"Mycorrhiza" is the general term used to describe various categories of mutualistic root-fungal partnerships. This CD presents a visual description of all mycorrhiza categories and includes detailed structural information obtained by light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and laser scanning confocal microscopy. It is intended as a supplementary resource of images, which can augment any course of study that deals with various aspects of mycorrhizas. Many of the images have been published in the book, Mycorrhizas: Anatomy and Cell Biology. It is designed so that images can be uploaded into presentations for teaching and seminars.

ISBN-13 9780660194042
NRC 46854
Other Countries: US$21.95