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Section title: Information About Publishing Electronically

General Information

Digital Collection Development Policy
This policy indicates the directions Library and Archives Canada takes to ensure the collection of digital documentary heritage materials of enduring interest to the history and culture of Canada, and in collaboration with others, to enable the collection of other digital information resources of value to Canadians.

Collection Management Policy of the National Library of Canada: A Summary
This document is intended to provide specific, integrated strategies, priorities and policies for developing, accessing and maintaining LAC's collection. The Networked Electronic Publications Policy and Guidelines makes several references to this document.

Electronic Publishing: Guide to Best Practices for Canadian Publishers
This site presents Library and Archives Canada's best practices manual for online publishing.

Information on Copyright in Canada
This page provides information on various topics, including legislation and regulations, news releases and copyright organizations.

Consultation on Online Publications
This site contains documents from the consultation held in January 2000, background information on legal deposit in Canada and on the status of online publications management in various countries.

Information for Electronic and Multimedia Publishers in Canada
This page provides information on various topics, including ISBN, ISSN and how to register an Internet address.

For Federal Departments and Agencies

Government of Canada Internet Guide
This Guide is divided into four main parts: Getting started for developing a Web initiative, Implementation of your Web initiative, Evaluation of your Web initiative, and Maintenance of your Web initiative.

Information Management Forum
The "Products" section contains various documents including An Approach to Managing Internet and Intranet for Long Term Access and Accountability, and Managing Internet and Intranet Information for Long Term Access and Accountability - Implementation Guide.

Communications Policy of the Government of Canada
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that communications across the Government of Canada are well coordinated, effectively managed and responsive to the diverse information needs of the public. More specifically, section 27, "Publishing", deals with information materials produced by departments and the need for them to provide copies to LAC.

Crown Copyright
The "Crown Copyright" section of the Canadian Government Publishing website informs Canadians about copyright that is related to any work prepared or published by, or under the direction of, any Canadian government department. Information on copyright on the Internet, licensing agreements and duration of copyright is also available.

Instructions for Archiving an Online HTML Publication

HTML Publications

To archive an HTML publication, it must be easily transferable and operational on our server. To meet these criteria, all files and sub-directories must be under a single directory. Relative URLs (e.g., ../images/flowers.gif, images/flowers.gif, flowers.gif) must be used for hypertext links accessing the publication directly, while absolute URLs (e.g., http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca) must be used for hypertext links accessing information outside the publication.

An alias is a filepath that begins with a slash. This slash tells the browser to go to the root directory to find the referenced file.

An example of an aliased URL is /file.html

To find the directory for "file.html", the browser will search under the root of <http://www.abcd.org/topfolder/folder/file.html>. If the publication is moved to the LAC server at <http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/100/201/300/topfolder/folder/file.html>, the root directory will no longer be the same as the original directory and the file will therefore not be found. Aliases cannot be used because they will result in broken links once the publication is housed on Library and Archives Canada's server.

The Electronic Collection resides on a server running a Unix operating system. This system reads uppercase and lowercase letters. Therefore, the file "flower.gif" is different from "FLOWER.GIF". The file or directory name must be written in the same case as the HTML coding of publication file or directory names. Also, file or directory names should not contain spaces, accentuated letters (é, î, ô, etc.) or special characters ( ; , : ? etc.). For example, use "afile.txt" instead of "a file.txt"; use "ecole.pdf" instead of "école.pdf"; use "tree-03-07-12.pdf" instead of "tree,03-07-12.pdf".

Means of transmission

Publishers may transmit files to Library and Archives Canada using the following methods:

  • e-mail
  • FTP
  • diskette
  • compact disk
  • Library and Archives Canada's electronic publications upload platform

Publishers with a Hypertext Link to Library and Archives Canada

More Information about Electronic Publishing