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Downloadable Formats and Web Tools

The primary format for material on Government of Canada websites (including LAC's) is HTML. However, in some cases, presenting material in HTML is not sufficient, or even possible. Some material is created in other software formats, and must be presented in those formats to retain functionality. For example, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet presented in HTML would lose its ability to perform calculations.

For this reason, LAC in some cases presents material in formats other than HTML. When this is the case, you will see a chart that lists the alternative formats in which the material is available. You can download the material in the format of your choice by clicking on the appropriate check-mark in the chart.

In order to ensure that our users will always be able to access material presented in non-HTML formats, we offer below links to free software that permits you to view material in the alternative formats used on the LAC site. Please note that not all of the software's original functionality will be available with these free viewers.

  • Flash Player
    You can view animation and specific sites in Flash format by using the Adobe Flash Player, which is available for free from Adobe.
    Please note that Flash components on the LAC site are also available in HTML.
  • Search Library and Archives Using Google Toolbar
    At any time while online, not just while on the LAC website, you can search LACís library and archives databases as well as the LAC website. The Google Toolbar installed in your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser plus the LAC search button, are all you need.

    Download the LAC search button: http://toolbar.google.com/buttons/add?url= http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/help/011-301-001-e.xml

    (If you donít already have Google Toolbar, it will install before the LAC button is added.)