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What are Image Trails?

Image Trails are pre-selected searches on a particular topic or theme, which yield between 50 and 150 images. When you click on an Image Trail, a selection of images related to that theme will be displayed from the collections of all Images Canada partners.

Image: Halifax


Browse historical illustrations, postcards and photos of Halifax and Dartmouth landmarks such as Citadel Hill, Barrington Street, Granville Street, Point Pleasant Park, Public Gardens, historic churches, hotels and public buildings.

Image: Inuit


Experience Inuit culture through images of those who live and work in Canada’s northern regions.

Image: Toronto


Visit the early churches, libraries, university and public buildings -- such as Fort York, City Hall, Customs House, Osgoode Hall, Toronto Public Library, Parliament Building and Government House -- that made Toronto famous.

Image: First Nations

First Nations

This trail highlights images of Canada's First Nations peoples from diverse regions across our vast land.

Image: Winter Sports

Winter Sports

Over the long, cold winters, Canadians enjoy sports such as hockey, skating, skiing, snowshoeing and tobogganing. Follow this wintry trail of historic images of Canadians at play in the snow and on the ice.

Image: Pioneer Life

Pioneer Life

Through photos and illustrations, experience the daily life of pioneers who endured terrible hardships and overcame many difficulties to develop Canada.

Image: Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede

Experience the excitement of the Calgary Stampede, the premier Western event in Canada, featuring images of wild horse racing, bronco riding, and calf roping. Meet First Nations people in the Indian village.

Image: Flora


Enjoy the flowers that brighten the Canadian landscape, whether growing wild in forests or carefully cultivated in Canadian gardens. Follow this floral trail to Canada’s colourful plants.

Image: Hockey


Hockey rules! From small-town rinks to big-city arenas, these images depict the heart and soul of the sport.

Image: Canada at War

Canada at War

Take a moment to reflect on the courage and sacrifices of Canadians at war. This collection of images illuminates the major theatres of war in which Canadians have served including the South African War, First World War, Second World War and Korean War.

Image: Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

Cast about for pictures of Canadians fishing to earn a living or just for sport. See amazing salmon, huge tuna, trout, and cartoons and other images related to fishing.

Image: Gone Hunting

Gone Hunting

View images and artwork of Canadian men and women hunting large and small game, as well as various waterfowl.

Image: Wildlife


Track down illustrations and photos of Canadian fauna including bear, mountain sheep, deer, moose, buffalo, walrus, caribou and elk, by following the wildlife trail.

Image: Arctic


Gain a new perspective. Follow this Arctic trail to view the peoples and the awesome vistas of the Canadian North.

Image: Trains


Railways and trains have played an important part in uniting Canada. This trail features images of locomotives and railway crews from various Canadian railroad companies.

Image: Planes


Take to the air with historic photos documenting the development of aviation in Canada, including early aircraft, aircrew, airports and air crashes.

Image: Automobiles


Cruise images of early automobile travel over Canada's often challenging terrain.

Image: Gone Paddling

Gone Paddling

Canadians enjoy travelling by water and have a long-standing love affair with the canoe and, more recently, the kayak. See images of Canadians "getting there" under their own steam.

Image: Ships


Surrounded by vast bodies of water, Canadians have a long seafaring tradition. Navigate historic images of schooners, freighters, ferries and other large craft.

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